Talk To Us About Your Old BricsCAD Versions

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Every day we get calls from BricsCAD Customers who had a hard disk crash and / or purchased a new computer, and find that their older versions of BricsCAD do not work with Windows 10. Operating systems evolve and the Bricsys development team works very hard to ensure that the current version of BricsCAD supports all of the functionality of the latest operating systems.

We want to talk about your old BricsCAD licenses

Why risk losing a day of work when the solution is right at hand?

You work hard for your money. If you’re like many BricsCAD users, you have an older version of BricsCAD that serves you quite well. And the money you’ve saved over software rental? It goes straight to the bottom line. All is good in your CAD world today, right?

Not necessarily. Are you running BricsCAD V15 or earlier on Windows 10? If so, you need to consider upgrading your license to a later version of BricsCAD. Why? Well, the answer is simple:

BricsCAD V15 and earlier versions are not designed for Windows 10

Even though you may be running V15 on Windows 10, it’s not designed for Windows 10. Which means that something as simple as an automated Windows update could stop BricsCAD from running on your machine.

Here’s something even more important – if you’re using an older version, you’re missing out on the speed and features that have come in later versions of BricsCAD. The current release, V17 has been spectacular in both performance and compatibility. V18 is right around the corner, too. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your BricsCAD licenses to the new industry standard in .dwg-based CAD.

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You’ll wonder why you waited so long to explore the power and accuracy of the latest versions of BricsCAD. We’re here for you.

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