The TCT Show Application Challenge Accelerates Collaboration in Additive Manufacturing

The TCT Show has always been an inspiring event for additive manufacturing designers and engineering innovators.  Many of the attendees come to the show to meet and mingle with some of the region’s best and brightest in the 3D printing space, to share creative ideas and use cases and discover trade secrets they’ve learned through practicing their craft.

One of the ways that we are excited to support this collaborative exchange is by hosting an Application Challenge at our booth during this year’s TCT Show. The challenge brings unique and interesting perspective into focus around the way that companies are thinking about 3D printing inside their businesses.  Matt Johnson, Technical Consultant with Stratasys for the UK and Northeastern Europe regions, as well as a designated consultant team member for the Application Challenge, noted that the challenge is one aspect of the show he is especially looking forward to. “It’s interesting to see what people are doing with 3D printing.”  He noted “A jig or fixture to one company looks completely different to another.”

Lending a bit of suspense and surprise to the already packed agenda, the Application Challenge is an opportunity for firms that are considering the implementation of additive design or 3D printing business solutions, or for those who have already developed processes, perhaps for prototyping, to discuss the gaps or challenges they might face as they move toward  maturing additive in their businesses. “The theme of this year’s show, accelerating 3D technologies, has to do with the way that customers use 3D printing in everyday applications.  As the industry evolves, consumers are becoming a lot more savvy, and spending more time looking into how specific applications can make sense for their business. Advanced prototyping, jigs and fixtures and composite layup tooling are becoming more common in manufacturing environments, evolving 3D printing from the previously held position of just prototyping.”

Join us at the TCT show for a private free 30 minutes consultancy session with one of our Technical Consultants to find applications in your business where additive manufacturing could be the answer.

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