Technology Evaluation Centers: PTC Offers PLM Cloud for Improved Product Development

“PTC recently announced a new product lifecycle management (PLM) software offering, PTC PLM Cloud, catering to the needs of small and midsize (SMB) product companies. This solution leverages the flagship PTC Windchill platform, while simplifying PLM adoption with a flexible subscription offering that matches the team collaboration and product data management (PDM) needs of SMBs. These companies no longer need to use pesky shared folders and cumbersome file naming conventions. With more effective and reliable data sharing in the cloud, they should be able to improve product development across scattered teams in different locations working with varying computer aided design (CAD) applications, as well as with partners and suppliers.

PTC PLM Cloud will be sold via partners only and via Amazon AWS in North America and Europe
(PTC is still looking for a public cloud infrastructure provider in China). For larger companies,
NetIdeas, which PTC recently acquired, is a private PLM hosting via Sungard.”
Ed- the PTC PLM Cloud is tightly integrated with PTC Creo and other 2D and 3D CAD software.
See if it’s right for you by watching this short product demonstration: