The Ti Pocket Pro is a Pen That Telescopes to Accommodate Over 80 Ink Refills


For the hardcore pen fanatics out there, the ability to accommodate a particular type of ink refill can make or break the purchase of an otherwise perfect pen. Further, few people enjoy being locked into a propitiatory refill—forced to buy only one particular kind of ink.

Enter the Ti Pocket Pro—a titanium pen that adjusts to over 80 different kinds of refills from a wide range of manufacturers.

“Refill tip diameters vary from one manufacture to the next,” explains the pen’s co-creator, Chadwick Parker. “So, if you want a versatile machined pen that can accept multiple refill brands, you’re typically stuck with an oversized pen tip opening and a refill that wiggles/jiggles/rattles around while writing. It can be pretty annoying and noisy in quiet environments.”

The EDC-inspired, pocket-friendly pen is already a Kickstarter hit—with nearly a month left to go in their campaign, Parker and his business partner Joe Huang have already raised $150,000 with an original crowdfunding goal of just $5,000. Not too shabby for a pen.


Manufactured in both stonewashed raw titanium and DLC black, the Ti Pocket Pro’s ultimate selling point is that it not only accommodates over 80 different ink refills with a unique telescoping design, but it does so without the need for any spacers or ‘hacks’ that would otherwise compromise the experience of using the product. In other words…it “just works”.

“We find that the majority of people typically like (or dislike) a pen based on a refill related preference,” explains Parker. “After all, the refill ink and tip design is what largely contributes to the dry time, line consistency, and how/if the ink will even stick to certain paper types. So, being able to swap out 80+ popular refills without any headache, spacers, or hacks allows you to keep a grade 5 titanium pen body for a lifetime. You can literately pass down a functional piece of family history to future generations that helped record yours.”



And at just $65, the pen is priced competitively for what is sure to be a mainstay in your pocket, sketchbook, and workshop. Find out more over at Kickstarter.

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