Top 15 reasons to get BricsCAD V17!

Here are the Top 15 Reasons to get BricsCAD V17!

We want you on the latest version of the world’s best DWG-based CAD system soonest. The power and performance that your missing is legendary. You can’t afford to not take advantage of this offer now. But just remember – don’t delay! This special runs from Valentine’s Day 2017 through the end of February. Don’t miss the best price ever on BricsCAD V17 Upgrades for everyone.

The Top 15:

  1. It will never cost less than it does right now! Just $249 for V16 licensees, and $299 for V15 and below! That’s our gift to you to celebrate 15 years of BricsCAD excellence!
  2. Native Windows 10 support and 64-bit VBA on the Windows 10 platform. Runs great on Windows 7, too.
  3. Support for Ultra High Resolution Displays (UHD / 4K). BricsCAD V17 supports all high-resolution displays with smooth cursor tracking and graphics performance.
  4. DWG compatibility from AutoCAD Release 12 through AutoCAD 2017. If that’s not enough, BricsCAD can read a DXF file from AutoCAD Release 9.
  5. Speedy new Welcome Dialog for drawing and profile selection; with direct links to “What’s New” and Tutorial pages. It’s never been easier to learn and use BricsCAD!
  6. Associative ARRAY features – simply create and edit associative arrays, or replace specific items in an array easily.
  7. Dock-able LAYER Panel gives you continuous access to Layer settings while drawing / editing; put it on your second screen to really accelerate your drawing speed!
  8. New Dimension Style Families and the Dimension Style Comparator make managing dimension standards easy and fast.
  9. XREFOVERRIDE display property control for external reference files (XREFs).
  10. Enhanced Sheet Set Features to help you create organized and named collections of layouts from multiple drawing files.
  11. New Drawing View creation tools – the BricsCAD VIEWBASE command allows greater control over generated drawing views.
  12. The Transparency property allows control of the transparency of drawing entities. You can set the transparency for a selection of entities or for all entities on the same layer.
  13. User-defined Component-based parametric features allow Boolean operations through the use of BC_UNITE and BC_Subtract layers in the component definition.
  14. Advanced 3D Modeling, Surfacing and Assembly Design tools – all powered by ACIS 2017 as the core modeler, with lofted 3D solids, 3D model comparison tools and improved 3D constraints.
  15. BricsCAD BIM, BricsCAD Communicator and BricsCAD Sheet Metal are all new for V17, bringing new workflows and new functionality to your design office.

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