Top Five Most Read Blogs in February

Here on the PTC Creo blog, we publish one or two stories every weekday. Then, at the end of each month, we like to take a day to reflect. We look at what you’ve been reading, and try to look for trends and figure out how we can give you more of what interests you.

It’s a little like looking at the stock market. Did more people read about the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension because they’re hungry for more information about the new technology? Or was it simply a snowy day on the east coast, and so they thought you’d stop by the blog instead of going out to lunch?

We’re not sure, but we keep trying to make sense of what you read and why. Here’s what we think happened in February. If you have another theory, let us know in the comments below. 

  1. Introducing the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension. Our fifth most popular post of the month is the jumping off article for anybody who wants to learn about PTC Creo DEX. It explains the kinds of problems the extension seeks to solve.“Most 3D CAD systems aren’t set up well for trying out alternative ideas and keeping track of the key decision points and design branches along the way. Usually, you make your changes to one model version, save them in a separate file, and then try your next alternative, and save another separate file. In the end, you’re left with a folder full of your alternatives.”

Then, of course, it introduces the way PTC Creo DEX solves the problem.  It all involves checkpoints and branches. Click through to the article to read more.

  1. Jason Roegner: Tips for Exorcising Unwanted Links. While articles about PTC Creo DEX dominate the top 5 list for February, watch for this tasty series from Monica Simon, Corporate Events at PTC. We predict that these articles will show up in many upcoming top 5 lists.

In this series, a presenter from our upcoming PTC Live Global event shares some technical advice you can use now. It’s a great way to get to know who’s presenting in Nashville in June, and learn a little more about topics you care about now. In this first article, Jason Roegner, engineering systems lead at Actuant, shares how to deal with ghost links in PTC Windchill. (Hint: fix them in the CAD system.)


A ghost object (TANK: FINAL WELDMENT) appears in PTC Windchill, while drawing shows no models linked.

  1. PTC Creo DEX: The Tutorial. We tell people about PTC Creo DEX, offer webinars, create demos, etc. But there’s nothing like a tutorial to show you what you’re really going to have to do to make it work. When we released this login-free 9-minute video from PTC University Learning Exchange, readers eagerly opened the article and pushed the “Play” button. We’re glad you were interested. We’ve got lots more tutorial articles coming up!
  1. Four Ways Your Design Software Discourages Good Ideas. We dedicated this article to the barriers to design exploration—in order to drive home why we think PTC Creo DEX is so important. Here’s one barrier:There’s no quick way to build idea variations. Once you’ve modeled a product, creating alternatives often means copying a file and modifying it. The more ‘paths’ you wander down, the more files you have to create.”

Why was the article so popular? It could be that momentum is building for PTC Creo DEX. Or it could be that few of us can bear to ignore a listicle.

  1. PTC Academic Program Offers Free Downloads of PTC Creo Student Edition. FIRST Robotics competitions began in earnest this month, so it’s no surprise that in February, students were downloading their free design software. Good luck to all our teams out there; you make us proud!

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