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Every month, PTC offers short, in depth webcasts about our products and features. If you’re curious about how something works or thinking about an upgrade, you can learn a lot in these 25-minute demos. Best of all, our experts take your questions at the end of session.

The good news is that June is packed with these short, rich learning opportunities and they’re free. Explore the current schedule today and register.

Here’s a few we recommend, especially if you already use PTC Creo and want to learn more about what’s available to you.

Meet Your Growing Engineering Needs with PTC Creo Packages

When competition picks up, your engineering team should have every advantage possible. Make sure your team is prepared to meet its growing engineering needs with PTC Creo packages.

See how PTC Creo can improve working in multi-CAD environments, simulate designs, manage design data, and drive top-down design.

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Direct Modeling in the PTC Creo 3.0 Parametric Environment

With PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), designers can access direct modeling capabilities within their parametric environment to facilitate making quick and easy changes to CAD models.

  • Make changes to PTC Creo data regardless of design intent.
  • Modify non-PTC Creo data regardless of origin (SolidWorks, STEP, etc.).
  • Recognize rounds, chamfers, patterns and symmetry on imported geometry.
  • Create or recreate design intent and record edits as features.

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Automate 3D Pipe and Cable Routing with PTC Creo

By making electrical and fluid design a more integral part of the detailed design process, you can streamline and accelerate all aspects of product development. In this quick 30-minute overview see how PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension automates routed systems design and provides support across manufacturing industries and all types of piping and cabling systems.

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Introducing PTC Simulation Solutions: Using PTC Creo to Optimize Product Designs

Problems found earlier in the design process reduce development costs and save time. See how simulating the performance of your design early and often can reduce physical prototyping and enable you to make better design decisions.

You can use PTC simulation solutions to:

  • Predict product performance while you design.
  • Test a range of structural and thermal material properties.
  • Optimize a product design based on design goals such as weight, strength or deflection.

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