The Value of Layer Previous in AutoCAD

I can't believe it's nearly August!  It seems as though the summer has just flown by  (but doesn't it always?). 

Layer Previous is a handy tool for undoing the last set of actions in the Layer Property Manager - or the Layer Drop down list (on the ribbon).  It comes in handy when you make changes to your layers...then perform some edits in your drawing...and then decide you'd like to undo the changes you made to your layers.  A standard Undo will also undo the work you've done.  Layer Previous - will focus only on the layer changes you recently made. 

Not only that - but Layer Previous can be used repeatedly to stair-step back through the various layer settings you've performed.  Super handy if you set some specific layers on/off for a task at hand - and you don't want to go through the tedium of resetting the layers after the task!

Check out my Cadalyst video for more info: 

Note:  Layer previous will not undo any renamed, added or deleted layer changes you made!