[Video Series] 3D Printing the Future Today

Stratasys is proud to present a conversation series hosted by our Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Bohling, titled, “3D Printing the Future Today”.  Additive manufacturing experts and insiders within our network of customers, partners and subject matter experts will discuss the trials facing many companies as they work through transitioning and upgrading everything from their supply chain to their factory floors.

Remaining competitive in changing and challenging business conditions is top of mind for many business leaders and manufacturers. In our most recent video series 3D Printing the Future Today, we will be discussing some of these common challenges and pressures faced by engineers, designers and manufacturing producers today with Rich Garrity, Stratasys President of the Americas Region.

As part of our efforts to advance additive manufacturing, we are continually researching ways in which we can help push the 3D printing industry forward. We believe that the intersection between software, hardware and materials is where we can make a difference.

For additive manufacturing to play its critical role in the future of making and transforming products and processes, we need to solve some fundamental problems that will drive innovation across the industry and unlock the potential for our customers to develop more advanced products, parts and components.

Additive manufacturing holds the potential to disrupt the current supply chain configuration in a variety of ways. From reducing downtime cost for parts with long lead times, to tackling overstock, understock and other inventory inefficiencies. Rich discusses how we are approaching these challenges and changes to help manufacturers across multiple industries build the factory of the future.

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Do you have an interesting story to tell about your role in the 3D printing space and how you use the technology to tackle business challenges?  Be sure to send me an email to carrie.wyman@stratasys and you may be selected to be featured in an upcoming edition to the series.

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