Want BricsCAD V17 BIM? Here’s What To Do

BricsCAD V16 Platinum All-in Customers Get V17 BIM for no cost!

If you’re a savvy DWG-based CAD user, you’re using BricsCAD today. If you’re a rebel, you’re experimenting with the BricsCAD V16 BIM functionality. <g> Bricsys have announced that a new version of BricsCAD BIM will be available as an optional, separately licensed module, later this year. The availability of the new BIM module will coincide with the delivery of BricsCAD V17. (That in itself is a great thing! A new BricsCAD version is coming!)

What’s a user to do? It’s simple – just add All-in Subscription to your current BricsCAD V16 Platinum license. You’ll get the new V17 BIM Module for free! It’s the ultimate discount on today’s most modern BIM design, modeling and documentation tool.

From sketch, to BIM, to detailed construction drawings – BricsCAD BIM combines the accuracy of solid modeling with the simplicity of sketching programs. The BricsCAD workflow ensures that your conceptual designs are captured easily and quickly. As you model, the Artificial Intelligence Engine in the BIM module will work in the background to automatically classify walls, columns, beams and other building elements.

And that’s only the start. Imagine using one product for everything – from concept design, through database development to the creation of associative construction documentation. Better yet? A (very) familiar user interface and 100% #NativeDWG compatibility. Why re-learn things you already know? All of the knowledge you bring from AutoCAD will work directly in BricsCAD – along with your menus, macros and LISP routines.

So you say you don’t need BIM? We still have a great deal for you: buy BricsCAD V16 today – any edition – and your license key will work for BricsCAD V17, also. There’s simply no reason to wait to own the best DWG-based CAD system available today. Hundreds of thousands of licensed BricsCAD users around the world know the way to true CAD productivity. Do you?

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