Want to Learn to Build Race Cars? How’s Your Italian?

It appears Italy needs help finding good people for its motorsport industry. So says ManpowerGroup, the global staffing agency. Needs are changing, and the industry is looking for more young people who aren’t just motivated to build elite race cars and motorcycles, but also talented and skilled .

That’s why MotorSport Experis (part of Manpower’s training arm) launched MotorSport Academy in March. Based in Maranello, Italy, MotorSport Academy aims to develop candidates for the industry by recruiting the most promising people, and then providing them with high-quality training.

The academy offers two different types of courses. The professional track is geared for unemployed workers who are looking for retraining. The courses are free but intensive. Students can look forward to 5-day-a-week classes up to 250 hours each in topics such as composite materials. A course for junior technicians teaches participants about reading technical drawings, minimum quality standards, tolerances, and so on.

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The higher ed track is for students with some engineering background (a degree or some work experience). These courses teach aerodynamics, power engineering, vehicle engineering, and CAD—all with a focus on motorsports.

CAD for Motorsports

What special CAD skills does a technician in this field need? According to the school website, MotorSport Academy trains students in the design of advanced surfaces, the fundamentals of structural calculations, and the typical dynamics of working within motorsport. Students focus on sketching, creating parametric models, project management, fundamental systems of a racing car, and design for aerodynamics.

Of course a staffing agency can only provide so much in house expertise, so Experis partnered with some of the best companies in the world to fill in the gaps. That’s where MotorSport Academy really shines.

Taught by Top Companies

Dallara is providing its wind tunnel, simulator, and other facilities and help. Dallara team members will also be among the faculty.

PTC is a partner, too. Motorsport Academy announced recently that it will become an official training center for PTC. “This means that our course CAD for motorsport, one of the four higher education courses, will be built on PTC with the help of their certified teachers,” reads the announcement.

Turns out those certified teachers have seen the inside of more than a couple R&D labs. Allesandro Ferri collaborates with R&D companies at Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Piago. Claudio Ferri collaborates with Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati.

These seasoned pros will guide students as they use PTC Creo, including Freestyle and PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension as well as the complete PTC Creo family of design software.

Getting in

If you’re convinced that Motorsport Academy is just the program you’ve been waiting for, you’re not alone. In the higher ed courses, there were slots for 20 students for the inaugural semester.  More than 250 applied.

There’s another small detail you should know about before you apply. All the courses are taught in Italian. If that’s not a barrier for you, enjoy this introduction to Motorsport Academy with Luca Giovannini, director Experis MotorSport.

For the rest of us, we’ll keep dreaming. Buona Fortuna!

[Ed. Find out more about how Dallara is supporting future engineers, in English, here.]