Webinar: Designviz with Maxwell | SketchUp by François Verhoeven

This October 5th, at 19 CET join us and presenter François Verhoeven for a hands-on webinar with practical tips and workflow bringing a designviz project to life with the latest Maxwell | SketchUp 4.1.


François Verhoeven is an architect working with his business partner Dennis Fillié in the Netherlands in their own firm, FillieVerhoeven Architects, since 1993. The architectural firm, has been providing services to other architects as well such as engineering, architectural photography and archviz.


What is design today without rendered images? Before all is said and done architects need feedback on their ideas. Feedback, images generated by the 3D digital world most architects now work in. Models in SketchUp in the first stages of design are often solid, simple, and not all that detailed. The digital simulation of light, the shapes, and shades however, you want to be like the sketches of Frank Loyd Wright, as inspiring and sophisticated. Even a simple cube can be inspiring in beautiful light. Maxwell provides the light I am looking for in SketchUp. Not only for these most often outsourced architectural visualisations but at the beginning when it all starts in the mind and on the screen of a designer.


Tools used

  • Scene manager
  • Context-sensitive menu items
  • Menu items
  • FIRE
  • Maxwell | Studio

Setting up Maxwell | SketchUp

  • Environment
  • Lighting
  • Camera

Modeling tools & tips for Maxwell | SketchUp

  • Glass
  • Grass
  • Reference files
  • Skatter

Materials in Maxwell | SketchUp

  • Native SketchUp materials
  • Maxwell Materials