Which Is The Most Typical Rifle Scope In 2016?

It is sure that the rifle scope plays a significant role in terms of assisting the hunters to take the accurate vision for seeking their goals. However, choosing this device is not easy at all if you do not have the basic knowledge about this product line. The rifle scope reviews mentioned in the post following will be the great supporter for you when selecting this device.

The Konus ZOOM PRO Rifle Scope

The Italia Konus ZOOM PRO rifle scope is designed with the shock vibration resistance based on the magnification 3-12x. This device is specially PRODCUED IN Italy the army using purpose.

The Product Description

The Design

This is evaluated as the most optical rifle scope which is extremely ideal for hunting and target shooting with the highest precision in all weather conditions. The device is structured with the most powerful zoom magnification, etched glass reticle and lights, optical coating multicoated and waterproof.

The Outstanding Functions

With the locking function for the center controlling system, the rifle scope center PRO-M30 6.5-25×44 Konus is completely  capable of  resisting the vibration shock when the shot even for big guns. Its body is made of alloy tubes durable anti-shock. The glass is coated with the anti-reflective layer and anti-ultra-high resolution undistorted image viewfinder. Besides, this is used in all kinds of wonderful environment for waterproof and translucent glasses.

The SNIPER 3-9X40 AOE Rifle Scope

Product Description

  • Price: 75$
  • Name of product: SNIPER 3-9X40 Viewfinder Full Size AO Mil-dot Zero Locking
  • Origin: Made in PRC
  • Color: Black
  • Components: Aluminum covering layer, optical eyes; zoom 3X – 9X with the parallax adjustment.
  • The diameter sniper: 1inch, with the size 3 -9X40mm with the quick center key outwards.

The Remarkable Features Of The Device

AO Mil-Dot Sniper RGB rifle scope is designed for the average distance hunter. This is a product with many features; full accessories at affordable prices which can easily set up and use. A good application for static target shooting – shot in the average distance suitable small goals with a variety of high-Air gun recoil.

In this product line, the most important features are the ability to lock glass and Zezo look. It is expected as one of the low glass line and very good resistance to shock. It is tested under shock of the bullet 5.5mm 634 in 2 years’ time without correcting; 1/4 MOA adjustment for each elongation; deviation calculated for the wind with the height adjustment by elongation of the glass center or by adjusting knob built outside.

Lenses are coated all grades to achieve maximum transmission capacity of light through the lens, giving you a sharp vision and clarity to target in various weather conditions.

SNIPER 3-9X40 is designed with 1 inch tube diameter which is equivalent to 25.4mm. Mil Dot Centre Reticle style is structured with reticle version which brings the most optimal and efficient capacity when calculating whether ballistic trajectory change rapidly at a distance. In addition, the Parallax can be able to offer the adjustment from 5m to infinity help you handle the distance fired from very close to the average distance.

The Function Of The Device

The users can be ready and confident to go hunting with this riflescope in difficult weather conditions difficult, because it is completely closed and the inert gas nitrogen use, shockproof, and waterproof rain light rain level.

Specifications Of The Machine

  • Large image magnification: 3X – 9X
  • Eye diameter: 40 mm
  • Trunk diameter: 1 inch, equivalent to 25.4 mm
  • Type about: Mil Dot reticle
  • Reflective Coated: All classes
  • Minimum Visibility – Maximum: 5 m – infinity
  • Field of View 100 yards: (3X = 39 ‘- 9X = 13)
  • The distance from the eye to the glass: 3.3 ‘= 80 mm

  • Each knob: ¼ inches in 100 yards
  • Waterproofing with low level:
  • Battery models used for light heart: Battery: CR2032 – 3V
  • Parallax (adjustable parallax): From 9,4m – infinity
  • Size (length – width – high): D 342 mm –
  • Weight: 20.2 Oz = 570 gr

Advantage Of The Device

  • Built on the foundation of true strength, the device is completely sealed and filled with inert gas nitrogen pump, shockproof, and waterproof as well as Fog proof
  • Key Features Fast and Zezo center look, adjust the exact center 1/4 MOA per Click.
  • The intelligent as well as efficient design with the center Mil Dot reticle (Chia elongation) which is
  • Pretty good shock resistance at low investment cost was experimenting with the line gun recoil spring as high as 631-634.
  • The outer rocker design is simple with the effective range adjustment
  • Lens is coated with the entire glass.
  • Performance optimization based on the Parallax from 5m – to infinity
  • Heart design highlights optional red / green dual illumination for applications by nightfall.