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The last time we checked in with former NASA engineer Mark Rober, he was demonstrating the World’s Largest Nerf Blaster; a scaled-up version of the $29.95 Nerf N-Strike Maverick that shoots massive foam darts made from pool noodles and toilet plungers at an impressive 40 mph thanks to an onboard 3,000 PSI air tank.

For his latest YouTube stunt, Rober, who has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent 7 of his 9 years at NASA working on the Curiosity Rover, created what can only be described as the ultimate squirt gun to end all squirt gun fights: The World’s Largest Super Soaker:

Capable of blasting massive jets of water at 240 PSI—approximately 272 miles per hour—we’re not really sure if there would be much left of your opponent once you catch them hiding behind that bush.

Other than using pressurized tanks of nitrogen, the scaled-up version of the classic Super Soaker—originally invented by Lonnie Johnson in 1982—functions nearly identical to that of the original design.

While he doesn’t particularly recommend it for squirt gun noobs, Rober has generously supplied a build list of parts and CAD files for those who want to terrorize their neighborhood this summer.

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