First Look: Samsung SyncMaster 243T   1 Oct, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Samsung recently introduced the SyncMaster 243T, a 24" LCD monitor ideal for applications such as CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, and content creation. In addition to the sizable screen area, the display offers dual analog and digital inputs and pivot technology that allows portrait and landscape...More>>

blank Alive and Kicking-Large CRT Monitors Offer Best Bang for Your Buck   15 Sep, 2004

Article By : Ron LaFon

Prices on large CRT monitors have dropped substantially since our last CRT review in September 2003. Not so many years ago I remember paying triple what these current CRTs cost. What you don't get for these lower prices are multiple connectivity options-there's usually no USB connectivity...More>>

DataCAD 11   1 Jul, 2004

Article By : Michael Dakan

DataCAD 11 is a major file structure and user interface upgrade from previous versions. A double-precision database provides precision to 14 significant digits, making DataCAD comparable in accuracy to most other professional CAD programs. The user interface is similar to Windows 2000. There are...More>>

MicroStation V8 2004 Edition   1 Jul, 2004

Article By : Randall S. Newton

Robust tools appeal to large design firmsMore>>

Architectural Desktop 2005   1 Jun, 2004

Article By : H. Edward Goldberg, AIA

Autodesk's updated architectural tools make a strong team.More>>

Autodesk Building Systems 2005   1 Jun, 2004

Article By : H. Edward Goldberg, AIA

AUTODESK BUILDING SYSTEMS 2005 is a comprehensive solution for building engineering. Built on the object CAD technology of Architectural Desktop 2005, Autodesk Building Systems 2005 includes features for architects and structural engineers as well as all the functionality of AutoCAD 2005, enabling...More>>

Autodesk Building Systems 2004   1 Dec, 2003

Article By : Michael Dakan

A stand-alone package for HVAC, piping, electrical, and plumbing design, Autodesk Building Systems 2004 comes with impressive libraries of fittings and equipment.More>>

First Looks: Hot new graphics cards shine on dual AMD Opteron   1 Oct, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

This special First Look roundup spans the range of workstation graphics card performance, from entry level to top end.More>>

First Looks: AutoLib Detail Library Manager   1 Sep, 2003

Article By : Bill Burchard

A fantastic feature of AutoCAD drawings is that you can reuse them over and over. If you draw a detail, you can use the same detail for future projects.More>>

3ds max 6   1 Aug, 2003

Article By : Ron LaFon

Autodesk?s visualization product lineup came into clearer focus with the announcement of 3ds max 6 at SIGGRAPH 2003 at the end of July.More>>