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30 Jul, 2009 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

As Software Subscriptions Lapse
in Down Economy, Autodesk
Clarifies Policies


The good news is, you have options — but now is the time
to take stock of your software and plan for the transition back to a higher seat count.

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

The economy is down and so is the head count in your office — and as a result, you don't need all the CAD seats you needed a year ago. But your CAD software is on a subscription plan, and you know if you let subscriptions lapse, your company could pay a heavy price to reinstate those seats once you're in growth mode again. At the same time, when your budget is already tight, can you justify maintaining subscriptions for software you don't use?

If you find yourself facing this dilemma — either now or in the future — your first step is to be sure you fully understand the policies that affect subscription licensing, as they can vary by company. Next, take stock of what you have, consider all available alternatives for managing your software, and determine what you really need going forward. Talk directly to the software vendor or your reseller to be sure you know all your options and to find out about discounts or other special offers and any flexibility in policies that might help.

Autodesk Policies
Bill Griffin, vice-president of the Americas Channel Sales at Autodesk, recently spoke with Cadalyst to clarify his company's subscription program and how customers can best manage their software licenses.  Read more »

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Nancy Johnson is editor-in-chief of Cadalyst.



Bentley's Be Connected Draws 9,000 Registrants — and Counting

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

Last year, the Bentley Empowered (BE) event drew 2,000 customers to Baltimore, Maryland. Traditionally focused on software training, Bentley Systems took a broader approach for 2008, offering a conference lineup that addressed best practices for design, construction, and infrastructure professionals.

The new approach was successful, but the prospect of getting people to travel in the current economy got Bentley to rethink its event yet again for 2009. The result is BE Connected, an online seminar series that kicked off in late June. More than 9,000 customers have registered for events already, and Bentley wants to get the word out about the wealth of content available, including live and recorded events. Seminar content falls into three categories — building, structural engineering, and civil engineering and roads — and six new seminars are added to the lineup every week. Read more »

Mastering Revit 2009 book by Paul F. Aubin


Mark Your Calendar: AEC Events


Green Design Using EnergyPlus with Bentley Hevacomp Simulator V8i
August 5, 2009
12 p.m. ET
This free webinar from Bentley focuses on the Hevacomp Simulator. Hevacomp gives users predictions of how the building will actually perform. Read more »

Calculate the Impact of Renewables on Your Designs with Bentley Tas Simulator V8i
August 19, 2009
12 p.m. ET
In this webinar, Bentley will discuss its Tas Simulator. Using the Tas Simulator for building design, users can analyze and then incorporate the renewable contributions to overall energy results, calculating environmental impact over time. Read more »

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