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20 Aug, 2009 By: Cadalyst Staff

The World According to BIM, Part 3

Careful assessment and planning can position your firm for a fool-resistant transition to building information modeling.

By Pete Zyskowski

Foolproof is a loaded word. I have found that there is always some fool who is so foolish as to fool your foolproof plan into becoming a flummoxed failure. (Now, say that ten times fast, and with feeling.) My team works every day to help people implement all three flavors of Autodesk Revit, and although we aim to develop foolproof plans, we're happy if what we achieve is fool-resistant.

How do you ensure a fool-resistant BIM (building information modeling) implementation? So many variables are involved in a full Revit implementation that it would be impossible to present an approach that covers every possible scenario and works for every firm. Instead, I'd like to share a general overview of the important considerations you'll need to address as you work with an implementation consultant to prepare for the process.

•  Step 1: Define goals

•  Step 2: Assess your current situation

•  Step 3: Choose a pilot project

•  Step 4: Make a plan

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Pete Zyskowski has been an architectural designer, project manager, and CAD manager and is currently a senior BIM (building information modeling) application consultant at Applied Software.

ArchiCAD Tutorial: Mastering ArchiCAD's Curtain Wall Accessory and Junction Placement Tools

By Phillip Zimmerman

In this article, we continue discovering the new Curtain Wall tool in Graphisoft ArchiCAD v12. The flexible system allows easy modeling and modification of the entire structure and its subcomponents. Architects can be really productive when working with such elements. In comparison with other construction elements, a higher level of editing freedom is provided.

A Curtain Wall Accessory is an optional non–load-bearing member — such as a sun shade, a decoration strip, or a canopy — attached to the Curtain Wall at any Frame. This connection is associative, which means that if you drag the Frame, the Accessory will follow it; likewise, if you delete it, the connected Accessory will be removed. In ArchiCAD, accessories can be placed one by one only in Curtain Wall Edit mode using the Accessory Tool. An Accessory is a GDL object, but part of the System. Its geometry and display attributes are all determined by its GDL parameters, which you can find in the parameter list of the Accessory Type tab page. Read more »

Mastering Revit 2009 book by Paul F. Aubin


Civil 3D Tutorial: Toolspace Settings, Part 3

By Attila Major

When discussing label values and overrides, the situation is similar to object style settings, but more complex. Labels have more elements: text styles, sizes, orientation, plan readability, dragged states, etc. But, through key settings, you can quickly make all, a branch or a label type's style, conform to a basic set of rules.

Like Edit Drawing Settings, Edit Label Style Defaults quickly sets a drawing's important values. Where you make changes to the Label Style Defaults sets the change's scope. Changing Edit Label Style Defaults at the drawing level sets the values for all drawing labels. Making the changes at the feature level changes all labels for that feature. Making changes for a label type changes the values only for that label type.  
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Mark Your Calendar: AEC Events


CMI Tech Tour
August 25, 2009
Washington, D.C.
CMI (CADD Microsystems, Inc.), a reseller of Autodesk software for the AEC market, and Autodesk experts will present 12 sessions that address current industry trends to help attendees be proactive with the changing industry conditions. Read more »

ISEIT 2009
October 6–7, 2009
Berlin, Germany
The International Symposium for Engineering Information Technology, hosted by AVEVA, features a two-day agenda of presentations and workshops plus opportunities to network with fellow professionals from across the engineering industries. Read more »

ECC Conference
September 9–12, 2009
Bastrop, Texas
This year's conference from the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association will address the amplification of risk and change in capital projects and provide tools and strategies to navigate the industry toward success. Read more »

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