Open Design Alliance Offers C3Ddirect and ADTdirect v2.5

29 Nov, 2007

Beta releases give ODA members an early look at the newest libraries and the ability to provide feedback before the completed versions are released.

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) announced yesterday the first-time beta release of C3Ddirect to ODA members for civil engineering and the beta release of ADTdirect v2.5 to ODA members for architecture applications.

According to the company, the initial release of C3Ddirect allows users to display and render Civil 3D custom objects that are compatible with Autodesk Civil 3D versions 2007 and 2008. C3Ddirect includes support for displaying and rendering pipes, structures, roadways, surfaces, and more. Future versions are being developed to create and modify Civil 3D objects.

"The release of C3Ddirect illustrates the ODA's ongoing commitment to delivering our membership with more value in addition to high-performing software libraries," said Arnold van der Weide, ODA president. "The ODA is executing its strategy for growth within the CAD industry, which is directly supported by its successful releases of DWGdirect, DWGdirectX, C3Ddirect, and ADTdirect, which all interoperate to form a powerful suite of CAD technology."

The ADTdirect v2.5 release is a follow-up to previous releases of ADTdirect, which allows users to display, create, modify, and render custom objects that are compatible with Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3 and 2004-2007 as well as Autodesk Architecture 2008. This latest release of ADTdirect reportedly includes new annotation scaling support, point and point-to-entity support, fixed view direction support, and implementation of new classes and methods.

The company reports that the ADTdirect and C3Ddirect beta releases are built upon the most recent DWGdirect libraries, which were released earlier this month. These beta releases were developed to give ODA members an early look at the newest libraries and the ability to provide feedback before the completed versions are released. Additionally, they allow members to better plan their own software releases and to quickly incorporate the libraries with increased dependability and stability.

The completed ADTdirect and C3Ddirect versions are scheduled for release before the end of 2007.

ODA is a nonprofit consortium of more than 3,000 software developers and users committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data and CAD legacy data.

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