SITEOPS Software Earns Patent

23 Jun, 2008

Land development application allows developers to get site cost information up front.

BLUERIDGE Analytics, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced today it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,395,191 for its SITEOPS land development optimization technology. To be issued on July 1, 2008, the patent protects the company's innovative land development software while creating barriers to entry for potential competitors. Other U.S. and international patents are pending.

SITEOPS changes the land development process from the outset, by allowing retailers and land developers to get reliable site cost information before sale and lease negotiations begin, the company states. Site development costs are difficult to predict and typically represent 25% or more of a project's total budget.

"In land development, knowledge is power," said Tim Dockery, principal of The Crown Companies, a SITEOPS client. "SITEOPS eliminates the guesswork for site costs and gets us the information we need, months sooner."

The web-based, Software-as-a-Service SITEOPS application reportedly gives clients an immediate competitive advantage via these features:

  • allows decision makers to compare site costs for different properties and layouts before a deal is signed

  • analyzes billions of potential site designs to return the most cost-effective solution

  • saves clients an average of $15,000 per acre with cost-optimized grading

  • engages civil engineers earlier in the design process, allowing flexibility in site planning while saving months of design time

"Our technology does what was impossible even five years ago," said BLUERIDGE Analytics president and CEO Mike Detwiler. "No other tool can evaluate site plans with this level of intelligence and speed."

For more, see the SITEOPS Web site.

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