CAD Management Articles
20.1" TFT2025   1 Apr, 2003

At 26.4lb, the Hewlett-Packard TFT2025 is, by a slight margin, the heaviest display tested here.More>>

20.1" Pro Lite 5131   1 Apr, 2003

Iiyama?s Pro Lite 5131 is a 20.1" flat-panel display based on TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD technology.More>>

19" NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX   1 Apr, 2003

The NEC MultiSync LCD1920NX is a 19" flat-panel monitor housed in a putty-gray case with five display control buttons at the bottom of the front bezel: menu, DVI-D/D-sub selector, plus, minus, and a power on/off toggle.More>>

19" SyncMaster 191T   1 Apr, 2003

Prior to this review, I took a prolonged look at the Samsung SyncMaster 191T when I used it exclusively for the workstation roundup in last month?s issue of Cadalyst (p. 22).More>>

19" VX900   1 Apr, 2003

The ViewSonic VX900 is a 19" flat-panel display housed in an attractive matte silver and black case with seven display-control buttons at the bottom center of the bezel.More>>

9 Flat-Panel Displays   1 Apr, 2003

Most computer components go through a process of miniaturization over time, so it should come as no surprise that this is happening with monitors.More>>

Test computer   1 Apr, 2003

The Xi 4306 MTower SP used to test the flat-panel monitors in this roundup is based on a 3.06GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU.More>>

19" CML190B   1 Apr, 2003

Superb gradations from white to black seem to be the hallmark of Hitachi displays, whether analog or flat-panel digital, and the Hitachi CML190B was no exceptionMore>>

SolidWorks 2003—Parts power   1 Apr, 2003

SolidWorks 2003 is proof positive that CAD products can work out of the box as advertised.More>>

MCAD Tech News #93 (Mar. 27, 2003)   27 Mar, 2003

In this issue:Interoperability Update Capvidia, LLC Elysium Inc. Geomenon, Inc. ConclusionsMore>>