CAD Management Articles
Embedded versus DVB Files   1 Nov, 2002

Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA) developers have two choices for the storage of their macros.More>>

Isn't that spatial?   1 Nov, 2002

Explore AutoCAD?s true associative dimensions.More>>

What now?   1 Oct, 2002

The ongoing quest for full-featured, easy-to-use CAD software.More>>

How to get what you need from upper management   1 Oct, 2002

CAD managers and users alike wonder how to get better support from upper management for the CAD manager position. One of the most frequently asked questions in CAD-related newsgroups is: How many CAD users should an organization have before it needs a full-time CAD manager?...More>>

The Case for Customization   1 Sep, 2002

Large companies may do design and drafting in separate service groups, assigning users wherever they are required. But the reality with today's technology is different.More>>

Pick a standard, any standard...   1 Sep, 2002

AutoCAD's new Layer Translation command helps enforce your standards.More>>

AutoLISP Solutions: Smart pipe symbols   1 Aug, 2002

PVSYMBOLS.LSP inserts pipe symbols with automatic trim.More>>

NavisWorks 2.2   1 Aug, 2002

NavisWorks provides design presentation and review tools for large 3D CAD models.More>>

Don't Do It All?Delegate   1 Aug, 2002

More On The People Side of CAD ManagementMore>>

Office-friendly rapid prototyping options   1 Aug, 2002

Rapid Prototyping comparison tableMore>>