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Saving your assets: Storage issues loom large as data maintains its value longer.   1 Nov, 2003

In our annual review of trends and developments in the AEC software industry (Cadalyst, August 2003), we discussed the growing emphasis on BIM, or building information modeling. As BIM products and methods mature and become more ubiquitous, they will require changes in office policies and...More>>

Table 1 Workstation features   1 Nov, 2003

Workstation featuresMore>>

Velocity Micro ProMagix Pro   1 Nov, 2003

Velocity Micro is the third of the three new vendors that sent systems for review.More>>

Tri CAD/CAM PowerStation FX   1 Nov, 2003

The PowerStation FX is a sleek, matte-black, solidly built midsized system.More>>

SYS PowerHouse 3066D   1 Nov, 2003

The SYS PowerHouse 3066D is well built, and SYS clearly paid a lot of attention to detail with the system and its peripherals.More>>

Polywell PolyStation 940X4   1 Nov, 2003

Polywell wins bragging rights for the fastest Intel Xeon-based system tested in this roundup.More>>

Monarch G64 Enterprise Custom Opteron   1 Nov, 2003

Monarch Computer Systems is a vendor new to our roundups, though it has built systems since 1991.More>>

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro   1 Nov, 2003

Something sleek and solid in the basic design of the matte-black IBM IntelliStation Z Pro series is very attractive.More>>

HyperSonic Fusion AMP   1 Nov, 2003

The Fusion AMP is the first system Cadalyst Labs has tested from HyperSonic PC Systems, and it immediately stands out with one of the most distinctive cases of any reviewed here.More>>

Hewlett-Packard xw6000   1 Nov, 2003

Even among other compact tower systems, the Hewlett-Packard xw6000 workstation appears small.More>>

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