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Manager's VPOINT   1 Dec, 2003

In last month's edition of Manager's VPOINT, I began to examine the CAD Manager 2003 survey by looking at hard data such as job titles, average salaries, and staff size. This month I examine trends in software and technology use.More>>

Bug Watch: December 2003   1 Dec, 2003

As reported December 1, 2003More>>

did ya know?   1 Dec, 2003

Lynn Allen hosts a Tips and Tricks party with 30 AutoCAD nuggets to make your life easier.More>>

Splines to Plines   1 Dec, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: AutoLISP program quickly converts splines to polylines.More>>

ABS 2004 in a Nutshell   1 Dec, 2003

Stand-alone product takes building modeling to the next level.More>>

Interoperability Testing   1 Dec, 2003

Interoperability testing evaluates information exchanged between two specific CAD systems and the ability of each system to use such information.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #96   13 Nov, 2003

CAD Outsourcing Trends--Part 4bMore>>

MCAD Tech News #109   6 Nov, 2003

CoCreate pioneers design collaboration with its OneSpace.Net product.More>>

Xi MTower 2P64D   1 Nov, 2003

High performance scores are not unusual for @Xi Computer, but this time the results are exceptional. The Xi MTower 2P64 has marched well ahead of the pack with its C2001 benchmark scores.More>>

3D powers online cable assembly catalog   1 Nov, 2003

Manufacturer accelerates customer time to marketMore>>

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