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The case of the missing Sketch command   1 Mar, 2000

Where to find and how to use itMore>>

AutoCAD 2000: A Paper Space Odyssey   1 Mar, 2000

AutoCAD 2000 has come a long way in making Paper Space more palatable. There are several new enhancements that will make it easy for even the novice user to jump from Model Space to Paper Space.More>>

LT On-line: Lesson 2   1 Feb, 2000

Drawing Setup, part 2.More>>

Make your move or copy in AutoCAD   1 Feb, 2000

Make the most and avoid the pitfalls of these similar commands.More>>

Editing Your Attributes   1 Feb, 2000

This month, let's continue down Attribute road and investigate your options should you need to edit your attributesMore>>

XPlot Logger Pro 3.0   1 Feb, 2000

XPlot Logger Pro v3.8 tracks plotting expenses from AutoCAD Releases 13–2000.More>>

SmartPLOT 3.0   1 Feb, 2000

A sophisticated, general CAD plot logging solution, SmartPLOT 3.0 provides a highly customizable interface, security, and the ability to link to a standard ODBC-compliant accounting systems.More>>

PlotLog 4.1/4.2   1 Feb, 2000

PlotLog 4.2 for AutoCAD 2000 (4.1 for Release 14) is a simple plot-logging utility that prompts you to enter plot data during the plotting process.More>>

Plot Suite 1.5.3/Time Suite   1 Feb, 2000

Plot Suite 1.5.3 is a plot-spooling application for AutoCAD Releases 13–2000 and AutoCAD LT.More>>

Plot Tracker   1 Feb, 2000

Plot Tracker is a package of AutoLISP and ARX utilities for logging plots in AutoCAD Release 14.More>>

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