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SOLIDWORKS World 2017, Part 1: New Products and Services for SOLIDWORKS Users Article
SOLIDWORKS World 2017, Part 1: New Products and Services for SOLIDWORKS Users   16 Feb, 2017

Event report: Virtual reality, 3D printing, and much more are highlights of this year’s Partner Pavilion.More>>

High-End Workstations Prioritize Performance Without Compromise Sponsored
High-End Workstations Prioritize Performance Without Compromise   16 Dec, 2016

Unlike entry-class and mid-range workstations, high-end models such as the Fujitsu CELSIUS R940 don't compromise on speed, expandability, or reliability to improve their price-to-performance ratios.More>>

VR-Ready Workstations Deliver Professional Virtual Reality Experiences Sponsored
VR-Ready Workstations Deliver Professional Virtual Reality Experiences   2 Dec, 2016

A new breed of custom-configured 3D workstations, including Fujitsu's CELSIUS M740 and R940, have what it takes to immerse users in a synthetic environment that suspends disbelief.More>>

CELSIUS J550 Fits Full Workstation Performance into Limited Space Sponsored
CELSIUS J550 Fits Full Workstation Performance into Limited Space   15 Nov, 2016

Fujitsu raises the bar on the small–form factor (SFF) workstation, minimizing size and noise without sacrificing best-in-class graphics.More>>

HP Unveils World’s Smallest Professional-Grade Workstation Article
New HP Z2 Mini: World’s Smallest Professional-Grade Workstation   15 Nov, 2016

Measuring 8.5” x 8.5” x 2.3”, the groundbreaking unit offers full-size CAD power in a pleasing-to-the-eye package.More>>

Workstation Reviews from Jon Peddie Research

HP’s ZBook Studio G3
By Alex Herrera, June 13, 2016
As 2015 came to a close, HP Inc. was busy following on the heels of Intel’s Skylake launch with a broad product refresh of its own, both upgrading and expanding on its line of ZBook mobile workstations. When it did, the company made it clear where it was focusing its new wares: 15.6-inch models. Read more

Lenovo 17-Inch Mobile Workstation
By Alex Herrera, March 16, 2016
Lenovo’s 17-inch ThinkPad mobile workstation is back, and it will have a bigger impact on the number-three workstation suppliers’ business than you might think. Read more

Reviewing Two New Boxx Workstations
By Alex Herrera, March 8, 2016
We’re not going to lie. Reviewing one workstation after another can get a bit tiresome. Machines can start looking an awful lot alike, but that’s rarely the case when we review a Boxx machine, and that goes twice this time around. Read more

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CADspeed Blog
Building Toward BIM, Part 3   21 Mar, 2016

Small architectural firm triples in size and increases profits thanks to the efficiencies of its new building information modeling...More>>Read all CADspeed blog posts>>

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