Book Review: Autodesk Inventor 10 Essentials Plus

18 Nov, 2005 By: Patrick Davis

Combination reference and how-to manual for Inventor 10

Author: Daniel Banach
Publisher: Autodesk Press (2005)
Pages: 750
Price: $79.95

Highly Recommended

Autodesk Inventor 10 Essentials Plus is a combination reference and how-to manual for Inventor 10. The book is written for both the new user and the seasoned professional looking to explore the new features of this version of the software.

Although some of the material in the book is comparable to what you can find in Inventor's help and tutorial system, I was pleased with the author's handling of the more advanced modeling techniques while not overlooking basic sketching and modeling.

According to Autodesk Press, the text includes more than 1,000 screen captures to clarify and aid the reader in understanding the concepts discussed. Also, step-by-step tutorials and exercises help you learn and understand the new techniques and commands.

I did not carry out every exercise in the book, but the exercises I did complete were accurate. I mention this because so many new publications seem to have errors in their examples. This problem is extremely frustrating to readers trying to learn new concepts, only to run into a brick wall when the example fails.

Whether you are new to Inventor or want to learn and master new commands and functions for Inventor 10, you should consider this book.

Available from Autodesk Press, and other booksellers.

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