Lengthen AutoCAD Arcs at Lightning Speed

23 Nov, 2015

The Lengthen command is a handy tool for lengthening many objects in AutoCAD. Join Lynn Allen as she shows you the ins and outs of the Lengthen command as it relates to arcs for maximum productivity!

Video Transcript

Hello there, this is Lynn Allen. Thank you for joining me for another AutoCAD tip, courtesy of Cadalyst magazine. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. You know, whatever season you happen to be in. A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the Lengthen command, which we learned can also be used to shorten. We took a look at lines, how to lengthen lines. Let's see what happens when we lengthen arcs. I promised you that I would show that to you if you were good. Rumor has it that you have been behaving yourself. Probably getting ready for Christmas. For those of you who celebrate it.

The Lengthen command -- I'm going to grab it from the menu. I'm going to pick the Lengthen icon, which honestly doesn't look anything like lengthen. I'm not really sure what that icon is meaning. I'm going to select this arc. Once again, when you are going to the Lengthen command and you select an object, it tells you about that object. But it does not use that object in the next operation, which is very confusing to me. I would expect it to go, "Oh, you want to work on this arc." No. Just giving you information. Just an FYI, basically.

So you can see the length on there, and you can see the actual angle of the arc. So let's say I want to change the total length of the arc, and I'm going to say Angle. I want the total angle to be instead of 150, I want it to be shorter -- 125. We'll show you how the Lengthen command can actually get shorter. You can see visually, which ever side you pick is going to make the modification to the object. I'll pick this side over here. So now it's 20 degrees less.

So let's do some more. Let's go back, and this time we'll do Delta. So instead of giving you the total length -- what you want the total to be -- let's just tell it we want it a little bit longer. We'll give that particular distance. So for the Delta length, I want the Delta length to increase it continually by 50 degrees. Now, once again, I'm going to go ahead -- did you see that? I want you to see on there that that was the length. That's the physical length. It's going to call me names because that's not going to fit. It won't work with this angle.

So let's try that again. Let's do, because you could have done this mistake too -- let's do the Delta and then say Angle and then say 50. Not the length. Probably would be too big to fit in that arc. Now we select the object, and you can see once again -- very visual -- which way do you want to go. We'll go this way, and then we'll go this way. And you can just keep going all the way around if you want to, making it longer and longer and longer until you are happy. Got it? Okay. That's Delta. Be careful that you don't make that mistake -- make sure you say A for Angle.

How about Percent? Let's go back in and do Percent. Enter the percentage length. Do you want it half the size? Do you want it 150% of the size? Let's say we want to be half -- 50%. So you can see, once again, very visual, whichever side you select will be the side that is going to cut off. I'm going to pick this side over here, and you can see our arc is up over there. That's Percentage.

The last one, if you recall last time, I was not very excited about, is Dynamic. I'll show you why I'm not that excited about it. But let's do Dynamic. That's fine. Go ahead and select this arc, and you can see that very dynamically I can move that around and select exactly how long I want that arc to be. It tells you, it gives you the distance. It's just not that exciting because I can also easily do that just by using grips. Select the arc, make a hot grip. You can even select to lengthen right there, right? You can even select the multifunction grip -- that's a technical term -- right on there, there's a Lengthen option. I don't need to go into the Lengthen command. I can get the exact same result. Not very exciting really. Either way, whatever makes you happy.

Now we've talked all about Lengthen with straight objects like lines, with curved objects like arcs. We have got it. You are a Lengthen expert. Go out and try it. Have a great rest of the week. Thanks for joining me.

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