Super Speedy (and Top Secret) In-Place Attribute Editing

24 Aug, 2015

Double-click on a block with attributes, and you can easily edit many aspects of your attributes.  But what if you just want to edit the attribute values — and you want to do it in place right on the screen (not in a dialog box). Autodesk Evangelist and Cadalyst Contributing Editor Lynn Allen will show you the unique key combination that allows you to do just that — so you can be the fastest attribute editor in your company!

Video Transcript

Hello there! This is Lynn Allen. Welcome to another AutoCAD tip, courtesy of the fabulous Cadalyst magazine. Thank you for joining me. This time I'm coming to you from Sydney, Australia, where I just participated in AU Australia. I just did a class called 45 AutoCAD Tips in 45 minutes. So this is one of the tips that I shared with the clan. I'm going to be sharing it with you.

This tip comes in handy if you work with blocks with attributes. We want to be super speedy and efficient at working with those attributes. I have a few blocks that have attributes in this drawing. If I wanted to edit the attribute value or make changes to it, I can just double click on it. It would take me into the Enhanced Attribute Editor or the EAtEdit command. Not really sure how you could say that. It's the "eat edit."

You can do a variety of things in here. You guys all know this, I'm sure. You can come in here, and you can change the value, change the height, edit either one or however many attributes are in that block. You can go to the Text Options section and maybe change the height or the width factor or the style. You could also change the Properties of them. So I'm just going to Save. You can see that there were some modifications that were made to that particular block's attributes.

But I've told you before, I'm lazy. I want to go as fast as possible. So I would like to edit my attribute value in place just right on the screen, making the changes, and then move on with my AutoCAD life. How do you do that? You cannot see the keyboard, but I'm holding down the Ctrl key, and I'm going to double click on any attribute value.

As you can see, I can edit it directly inside of the drawing file without having to go into any dialog boxes. I can change that to UU or whatever the situation is. I can come down here, once again, hold down the Ctrl key and double click on any of the values -- any of the attribute values on the screen -- and you can make modifications to them directly on the screen. It's awesome. It executes a command that I also cannot pronounce -- the AtTipEdit, because I gave you a tip today.

You can type it in too, if you wanted to. Buy why would you when you can just hold the Ctrl key down and double click on any attribute. Then you can edit it super, super quickly, and then move on with more exciting things in your life. Which I hope are many.

Thank you for joining me, and I will see you back here in two more weeks. Not here. Hopefully not here. Somewhere else. Not right here. Take care.

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Re: Super Speedy (and Top Secret) In-Place Attribute E...
by: TimT
September 16, 2015 - 10:42am
Great tip but doesn't work here, dialog always opens. What are the system variables that would keep this from working? Thanks
Re: Super Speedy (and Top Secret) In-Place Attribute E...
by: RuineBab
August 24, 2015 - 9:05pm
Great lisp starter As a guy from Quebec I'm trerefore not from the english community « although I do speak english my AutoCAD understands french. » So in order for my lisp routines function, I must add an underscore in front of the AutoCAD english command names for french AutoCAD to understand them. So your lisp examples become : (defun c:ZP () (command "_ZOOM" "_P") ) (defun c:EL () (command "_ERASE" "_L" "") ) And this, as you know, works in any languages of AutoCAD
Re: Super Speedy (and Top Secret) In-Place Attribute E...
by: IKemp
August 24, 2015 - 5:00pm
Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Great stuff.
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