Zoom In on AutoCAD Objects with the View Cube — Even in 2D!

26 Jun, 2017

If you want to zoom in on an object with maximum speed, then be sure to check out this super-speedy tip from Cadalyst and Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen! Who would have guessed the View Cube could come in so handy in 2D as well?

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Re: Zoom In on AutoCAD Objects with the View Cube — ...
by: C Frank Kellogg
June 26, 2017 - 4:25pm
I recently had a devil of a time even finding my ViewCube! I finally found that it was hiding, and not available because I had Options > 3D Modeling > Display the ViewCube un-checked for "2D Wireframe visual style". To zoom in on one or more objects, I personally use my keyboard, via my acaddoc.lsp file, wherein I have a command "zo", which executes "Zoom" and then "Object". I also have "zp" set for "Zoom" > "Previous", which works about 10 times.
Re: Zoom In on AutoCAD Objects with the View Cube — ...
by: ebeckman
June 26, 2017 - 3:50pm
Alternately you could just position the cursor over the item you want to view and use the scroll wheel. Nice to have another method but sometimes you don't need a better mousetrap.
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