Generate an FEA Report in Inventor Professional 2014

30 Jun, 2013 By: Radu Stancescu

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Any Inventor user can create a finite element analysis (FEA) report by following these steps.

Publish Stress Analysis Results in DWF, DWFX, and PDF Files

Autodesk data can be published in DWF format and viewed using Autodesk Design Review. Viewing and sharing data is an important tool when communicating with vendors and customers. Anyone can use published DWF files, even without installing Autodesk Inventor. DWF files are highly compressed, open quickly, and you can share them by e-mail.

Publishing from Autodesk Inventor creates a DWF file that maintains design data such as line weights, scale, and mass properties for 2D and 3D files. Both 2D and 3D data can be included in one file. The stress analysis results display the model in various colors according to the intensity of the applied forces and constraints.

While working in the Stress Analysis environment, you can use the various display commands to create the view you want to export to DWF. In the simulation browser bar, select and display the results that you want to see in Autodesk Design Review. The current state of the part or assembly model is published in the DWF file. (Note: Not all analysis types are published, only the active type shown on the screen at the time of publishing.)

While exporting to DWF you can enable measuring, printing, markups or even assign a password to the document to enhance security.

If the file is saved as DWFX, you can open it using Windows Internet Explorer. Here you can still rotate, measure, mark up, and have all the available options as if it's open within Design Review. The advantage is that you do not need to download Autodesk Design Review software.

Another export option is to save the file in a PDF document; as in the DWF file type, only the current state of the part or assembly model is published.

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