It's Your Canvas: Customize the Autodesk Inventor 2014 Interface

4 Nov, 2013 By: Mark Flayler

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn how to use the many customization options to streamline your access to frequently used commands.

Customizing the ribbon was a very big deal when it was first introduced, because users wanted all the commands they use every day on the first tab of the ribbon rather than clicking around for them. In order to assuage this type of request, you can add a custom panel in the ribbon.

You can also move commands in and out of expanded panels and command groupings.

The latter of these two images is quite easy to do inside Inventor right on the ribbon by clicking or right-clicking appropriately. For the Custom panel, we have to go somewhere else. On the Tools tab, there is a command called Customize. This dialog has three tabs inside it: Ribbon, Keyboard, and Marking Menu. On the ribbon tab we can easily find commands on the left, add them to the right, adjust their size and text, and also add separators for the commands.

You'll notice I added the Visual Styles here as I did in the Navigation Bar. My intention here is not to duplicate commands all over the place, but to show you that you can make a user decision based on where you want to access commands.

Customize the Marking Menu

The marking menu that was added in Inventor 2012 really started to open my eyes to the customization possibilities in the interface.

I felt like I was finally able to take control of the interface that focused around my cursor and took up so much of my valuable eye attention in any given day. That Marking menu got better in 2013 with updates to cleaner in-command access to Cancel and Approve, and even better with the ability to have my own completely custom sub-marking menu. This latest enhancement is triggered by holding down the Ctrl key and right-clicking. This menu is pretty much empty until you fill it, with the exception of the sketch environment one that houses all your 2D sketch constraints.

The last tab in the Customize window is the one responsible for adjusting this to suit individual needs. From the figure below, you can see that with just one environment how much there is to customize about the Marking menu in general, as well as the new Ctrl right-click menu. For the most part, the other sub-environments are set pretty well. I usually only change one or two things on Standard Component, and then I go right into my Ctrl menu.

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