It's Your Canvas: Customize the Autodesk Inventor 2014 Interface

4 Nov, 2013 By: Mark Flayler

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Learn how to use the many customization options to streamline your access to frequently used commands.

Here I have added some really helpful commands that keep me away from the ribbon almost entirely in any given session.

I have my Bill of Material command that Autodesk moved away on me, the new Constraint visualization tools for showing and hiding constraints on screen, Analyze interference for those modeling issues that arise from time to time, my iLogic triggering, and even a productivity tool for saving and replacing a component all at once. I even added the Open Drawing command so that when I have a component selected I can open its associated drawing right from the graphical canvas.

Customize the Keyboard

The Keyboard customization is quite easy to set up; you simply have to assign a key to a command, and that's about it. If you assign multiple characters to a key, you may have to use the Enter key in conjunction with the shortcut to start your commands. For instance, in the figure below you will have to press B then Enter to start Balloon, or B then D without Enter to start a Baseline Dimension.

While you are inputting the keyboard shortcuts, you will see a command alias input in the lower area of your interface to help you with the keyboard selection. You can use the up and down arrows to browse through the various autocomplete aliases, and use Enter to choose what you want as well. Due to some of these complexities and the general mouse selection nature of Inventor, this will probably be the least common customization you perform.

Year to Year

If you read these tips and are seriously considering taking a half-hour out of your day to apply them, you will see some really nice improvements to your mouse movement and interaction with the software.

But some of you are probably thinking, Great, but what about next year? Well the answer to that is that you can export these settings as an XML file and reimport them next year, or if you have to do a reinstall of your software. I have yet to have them degrade on my since Inventor 2012, when I first started adjusting the interface. When new commands come out you may have to square them off against one another for the honor of being in your Marking menu or ribbon, but either way you will come out the winner.

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