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PTC Creo 3.0 Includes Game-Changing Multi-CAD Data Handling

26 Jun, 2014 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

New Unite technology said to be the first to allow users to open foreign CAD formats in their native environment without need for additional software, as well as export data in those same formats.

Productivity Enhancements

PTC Creo 3.0 also will introduce new and enhanced capabilities and workflows that support productivity increases, improved overall product innovation and quality, and on-time delivery. Tasks such as sketching, large assembly design, stylized design, sheet metal design, 3D annotation, and fastener design are now 10% to 1,000% faster than with Creo 2.0, PTC reports.

Some of the most significant improvements to core productivity functionality across the suite include:

  • new graphical realism support
  • extensive hardware libraries and automated fastener assembly workflows
  • new flexible modeling capabilities
  • new and enhanced analysis tools
  • core modeling enhancements
  • sheet metal modeling enhancements

A revamped Help system includes:

  • dedicated tools for new users
  • context-sensitive help that displays dynamically based on the user’s current activity
  • built-in, tailored tutorials
  • improved Search using Google technology
  • sample models for practice
  • improved command finder helps users determine name of a needed command based on keywords or based on a SolidWorks command name
  • 100+ new videos

Related News

Finally, the Boston event brought a few other not-insignificant updates for the Creo crowd:

  • PTC Creo Sketch: A version of the free sketching app will be available shortly for the iPad.
  • Design Exploration Extension: New app will enable users to quickly and effectively evaluate design alternatives and determine the most effective modeling process.
  • Design for 3D printing: In a press meeting, Thompson intimated that a 3D printing app is in the works for Creo — but couldn’t reveal the timing of the release. “We’re still very interested in [the 3D printing] trend. It’s a very, very hot trend for us.”
  • Cloud-based solutions: Noting that PTC already offers some cloud-based options, Thompson said, “... But I think [CEO Jim Heppelmann] and all the executive staff would say this is something we’re evaluating for all the product lines. I think what they made clear today, and which I would echo, is we would never force customers to go one way or the other.”

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