SolidWorks 2001

1 Jun, 2001 By: Jeffrey Rowe

SolidWorks 2001 Features

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Company SolidWorks Corp.
Product SolidWorks 2001
Release # 9
Release date January 2001
Initial price $3,995
Annual subscription fee $1,295
Operating systems supported Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
Operating system reviewed Windows NT 4, SP6
Modeling kernel Parasolid
Model representation Hybrid (Database method for storing model)
Parametrics Yes
Expressions Yes
Sequential equations Yes
Simultaneous equations/relations Yes
Explicit 3D boolean operations Yes
Variational features (sweeps, lofts, etc.) Yes
Variable filleting Yes
Fillet blending (corners) Yes
Sew surfaces to solid Yes
Geometry/topology healing Yes
Feature reordering Yes
Feature suppression Yes
History editing Yes
Nonmanifold editing No
Wire frame modeling Yes
Basic surface modeling Yes
Advanced surface modeling Yes
Surface fill Yes
Surface extend Yes
Surface trim Yes
Surface analysis tools Yes
Thin features Yes
Shelling Yes
Drag handles Yes
Draft checking/verification Yes
Mass properties analysis Yes
Parting line functionality Yes
Parting surface functionality Yes
Lofting Yes
Standard component parts (fasteners, gears, etc) Yes
Parametric selection of standard components No
Sketching Yes
Explicit 2D Boolean operations Yes
Over/under constrained sketches Yes
Autoconstraining, dimensioning Yes
Open profiles Yes
Constraint analysis tools Yes
Spline curvature analysis Yes
Assemblies Yes
Layer control Yes
Interference checking Yes
Breakout section views Yes
Exploded views Yes
Cropped views Yes
Perspective views Yes
Alternate component configurations Yes
BOM generation Yes
Auto BOM with balloons Yes
Table-driven parts Yes
Table-driven assemblies Yes
Assembly layout sketching Yes
Assembly structure reorder Yes
Assembly features Yes
2D detailing/drafting Yes
Dim standards supported Yes
2D/3D associativity Yes
Sectioning of 3D views Yes
Details of 3D views Yes
Automatic view layout Yes
Symbol library functionality Yes
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Yes
Visualization/rendering Yes
Sheet metal functionality Yes
Kinematics Yes
Add-on modules/integrated Yes
Stress analysis Yes
Mold flow Yes
CNC machining Yes
Tolerance studies Yes
General Undo/Redo Yes
Open GL Graphics Yes
Customization tools Yes
Model import formats: Pro/ENGINEER, DXF, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, DWG
Model export formats: DXF, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, DWG
For the Web
Advanced rendering Yes
Texture mapping Yes
Ray tracing Yes
Transparency Yes
Reflectance Yes
Refraction Yes
Antialiasing Yes
Radiosity Yes
Hyperlinking Yes
Free viewer Yes
File management Yes

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