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Jonathan Pickup

Jonathan Pickup is an architect trained in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and the CEO of ArchonCAD, which provides training and support to architects and design professionals who use VectorWorks and other CAD programs. He is the main manual writer and support provider, and he has been providing training and consulting services to architects and design professionals since 1992. He has written several VectorWorks training manuals for architects, landscape architects, educators, and design students. He organizes the New Zealand VectorWorks User Group and provides its main direction. You can contact him at the e-mail address below or view his other training materials by visiting the web site below.

Set Your Constraints to Suit Your Project (Working with VectorWorks)   9 May, 2008
By: Jonathan Pickup

Take advantage of these tools when drawing complex shapes or drawing relative to other objects.

Dimensions Standards (Working with VectorWorks Tutorial)   1 May, 2008
By: Jonathan Pickup

Making your own dimension standards will let you customize the way the dimensions look.

Introduction to VectorWorks (Working with VectorWorks Tutorial)   1 Apr, 2008
By: Jonathan Pickup

Learn the basics of setting up documents and templates.

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