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Pete Markovic

Pete Markovic is a solutions consultant with IMAGINiT Technologies who specializes in PDM products and 3D CAD tools. He has more than 20 years of experience working in many industries, including Construction Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, High Tech Electronics, and Medical Devices. Pete has been working with PDM/PLM products since 1995, beginning with IMAN v3; and 3D CAD tools since 1992, beginning with Unigraphics v7. Throughout his career he has been involved with and has managed many PDM/PLM implementations of various systems, including Vault, Metaphase, Teamcenter, Intralink, and Windchill. Pete specializes in working across multiple business areas to streamline business processes and adapt them to a PDM/PLM environment. Pete especially enjoys the challenges of working in a multi-CAD environment and working through the problems faced by engineering departments trying to streamline their processes.

Autodesk Software Deployments 101   29 Apr, 2013
By: Pete Markovic

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: This article demystifies a time-saving method for rolling out software, and also explains how easy it is to reconfigure a software deployment after it has been built.

Leverage the Autodesk Vault Job Server/Processor   30 Sep, 2012
By: Pete Markovic

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: The Vault Client enables users to perform query, view, and print tasks on a model or drawing without having direct access to the CAD data.

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