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Stan Wile is an application engineer with IMAGINiT Technologies. He has significant experience in all aspects of 3D conceptual design, and has assisted many firms with implementing the switch from AutoCAD to Inventor. Wile has implemented Vault to solve data management issues involving multiple engineers working on the same projects, and has also written user manuals for all drafting procedures including data management with Vault and an entire plant manual for ISO 9000 certification.

Carry Out Mass Project Path Updates for AutoCAD Electrical Project Files Article
Carry Out Mass Project Path Updates for AutoCAD Electrical Project Files   2 Mar, 2017
By: Stan Wile

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Whenever AutoCAD Electrical is upgraded, the default symbol library paths must be updated on all past project files — a time-consuming process. This tutorial demonstrates using a LISP routine to make this task easier.

Mechanical Applications for AutoCAD Electrical   23 May, 2013
By: Stan Wile

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Make use of all the tools in Autodesk Product Design Suite.

Three Autodesk Showcase Tips    9 Dec, 2010
By: Stan Wile

Avatech Tricks Tutorial: Most users don't know about these methods for changing materials on specific surfaces, creating cross sections, and using the highlight pointer.

Tackling Text in AutoCAD Electrical (Avatech Tricks Tutorial)   1 Feb, 2008
By: Stan Wile

One dialog box controls simple font sizes and style changes.

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