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17 Feb, 2011 By: Cadalyst Staff

Utility Design Software Simplifies Standardization

Southern California Edison implements Autodesk application to improve consistency and reduce design and ordering time.

By Cyrena Respini-Irwin

As one of the nation's largest electric utilities, Southern California Edison serves nearly 14 million people across a 50,000-square-mile service area. Despite its massive size, SCE struggles with the same industry-wide issues that challenge its smaller counterparts: The power grid is becoming more complex. Experienced personnel are retiring, and taking their knowledge with them. And engineering and construction standards, which must be adhered to consistently across the organization, are never static.

In hopes of streamlining workflows where standards and design intersect, SCE implemented Autodesk Utility Design software in its Transmission and Distribution Business Unit, deploying it to more than 600 internal users. The software combines distribution network planning, design, and analysis into one environment.

"Design standards — everything from using the proper symbology to picking the right size conduit — is very important to a utility," said Alan Saunders, senior industry manager (Utilities) for Autodesk. Saunders explained that the difficulty of achieving the reliability and consistency that standards provide is compounded when a utility's workforce is widely dispersed. "This type of design work is typically done in a number of offices across the [utility's] territory," he said, noting that that could be 30 to 50 offices in SCE's case.

Prior to this Utility Design implementation, each SCE office would rely on paper-based standards references. "Designers would have a set of binders at their workstation," said Saunders, and when those standards were updated, it would be difficult for management to be certain that the changes had reached all the utility's designers. Read more »

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Cyrena Respini-Irwin is Cadalyst's senior editor.

Circles and Lines Tutorial: AutoCAD for Mac Is Back!

After an 18-year absence, Autodesk reintroduces native AutoCAD for the OS X platform.

By Lynn Allen

I remember 18 years ago when Autodesk made the announcement that it would no longer be developing AutoCAD for the Macintosh platform. I also remember the myriad sad architects and other Mac users that were distraught about this decision. Nothing could thrill me more than to see AutoCAD back on the Mac and that void filled for Mac lovers everywhere.

It isn't as if users haven't been using AutoCAD on their Macs. In fact, plenty of people have been using Bootcamp, Parallels, or VM Ware Fusion to do exactly that. But it just wasn't the same; it wasn't the true Mac experience. They were essentially living in the Windows world on a Mac — definitely not the same. They wanted the Mac experience with a native Mac application, and that is exactly what they can get now. This new version is not a port — it is the real deal running natively on Apple Mac OS X (pronounced "ten," not "X," if you want to maintain Mac coolness).

For starters, Mac users might have a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. They also rely heavily on their keyboard trackpads (for those who use laptops) or Magic Trackpads. The Magic Mouse will completely stump Windows users, because it has no physical right-click button or scroll wheel for zooming and panning. (We shudder at the thought!) The good news is that you can choose to use your favorite Windows mouse with your Mac, so no worries there.

AutoCAD for Mac supports Gestures (no, not those types of gestures!). Gestures are one- or multiple-finger motions made across a trackpad or Magic Mouse. For example, they might use a two-finger swipe across the trackpad to pan or the infamous pinch to zoom. A simple swipe up and down the Magic Mouse does an easy zoom — no wheel needed! And who doesn't love the four-finger swipe (Exposé) on the trackpad to view all your open files; I really wish Windows had that one! Read more »

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Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen writes the Circles and Lines column and is the voice behind Cadalyst's AutoCAD video tips.

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