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9 Mar, 2011 By: Robert Green

Just How 3D Are We? Part 2


Readers weigh in on the question of 3D CAD adoption, revealing a wide spectrum of opinions about 2D and 3D use.

In the previous edition of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I concluded that 3D CAD use isn't as prevalent as you might think, and that 2D CAD is still very much alive. (If you haven't done so already, you may wish to read through that column now so you'll have the proper context for this one.)

I promised that I'd include some feedback from readers about my 2D/3D conclusions and provide advice for CAD managers navigating the transition. However, I got so much insightful commentary that I've devoted this edition exclusively to more discussion of why 3D adoption rates aren't higher and why 2D hangs on. Here goes.

Justified Investment

In response to my conclusion that firms will use 2D when they can do so profitably, and will only invest in 3D when business purposes justify it, B.M.S. posted this comment on Facebook:

"Not just cost savings, but competitive advantage, even if there is no cost savings. My experience is with the industrial fan & blower market. We went 3D at tremendous costs to be able to produce customer designs on the fly, minimize engineering design time, and to be able to have our 3D models integrate into HVAC software. We were a market leader in this regard."

This point is very valid, because there are two ways to make more money with 3D: generating savings and generating more business via faster and better customer responsiveness. If going 3D enables you to win jobs you wouldn't get otherwise, then the technology is paying for itself.

Sometimes 2D Works Fine

I received a few responses from readers who feel that there is simply no compelling reason for their company to transition to 3D. One such comment came from M.R. in Ohio:

"I missed the opportunity to participate in the survey, but we are 100% 2D. There have been discussions about 3D software that have been going on for the last 12 years. The time and cost involved to switch to 3D just isn't worth the investment for us."Read more »

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CIMdata PLM Certificate Program: Massachusetts
June 20–24, 2011
Andover, Massachusetts
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