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13 Jul, 2011 By: Robert Green

:: Have the BIM Truth Talk with Your Boss, Part 4

The final installment in this series discusses reader experiences with training personnel, IT obstacles, and other aspects of implementation.

In the last three editions of the CAD Manager's Newsletter, I've encouraged you to have "truth talks" with your management and users about the realities of implementing BIM (building information modeling) in your company. Based on the reader feedback I've received, I see that many of you have had experiences similar to mine, and have found the advice I've given useful.

In this edition, I'll finish the series by sharing some reader feedback and my recommendations for progressing through the test project phase to implementation.

Reader Feedback

I received a great letter from a reader who teaches Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) software to a variety of corporate clients. T.K. touched on many facets of executing a test BIM project, which I'll present in sections, along with my responses. I think you'll find T.K. has a firm grip on the situation, and provides a fresh perspective as an educator. (Note that although T.K. is a Revit instructor, his advice is applicable to other BIM products as well.)

Test Project Personnel

Regarding my assertion that you should select the most motivated and computer-savvy users for your BIM test project, T.K. says:

"When it comes to the 'perfect test project,' it almost never happens that way. When I teach Revit MEP, most of my students are in class because they already have a project on the table that's due on Monday and are told by management that they have to learn Revit. Almost all of my students are 'chosen' because they aren't busy or are the only ones knowledgeable of MEP at the firm. They get thrown into the mix whether they like it or not, and management rarely thinks about your criteria for selecting the staff. In my opinion the reason is that management has no idea what it's getting into."

Like T.K., I've seen these issues play out as well. The primary reason these types of training sessions happen is lack of planning on the part of senior management, which almost always means that the CAD manager wasn't pushing hard enough for the right BIM staffing in the first place, or that management simply wasn't listening. Read more »

:: CAD Manager's Toolbox: Turn Your Phone into a CAD Management Emergency Kit

Your mobile device can serve as a traveling toolbox if you stock it with the files you might need to install on a workstation.

More and more frequently, I'm called on to take care of non-CAD concerns such as removing viruses and malware, and updating the tools that detect these sorts of problems. Of course I also get asked about new plotter drivers, cool utilities, and all manner of other CAD issues as well.

When I visited clients' offices without my computer, I was often limited in my ability to address these types of problems because I lacked the files I needed. Of course, I carry a memory stick with all my emergency files in my laptop bag, but when I didn't have the bag, I was out of luck. What inevitably ensued was a frantic search via the Internet, and lots of time-consuming downloads. Read more »


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:: Resources

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:: Events

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July 20, 2011
10:30–11:00 a.m. CT
Hexagon Metrology will hold this free, live webinar on reverse engineering techniques using PC-DMIS Reshaper software, a standalone software product specializing in point cloud collection, processing, and meshing tasks. The software coverts 3D data into usable formats for CAD design, rapid prototyping, and other forms of 3D manipulation. Read more »


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