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30 May, 2012 By: Cadalyst Staff

Start-Up Sunglass Sets Out to ‘Disrupt the CAD Industry’

One of six finalists in the TechCrunch DISRUPT event, the company is launching what it calls the first cloud-based, interactive 3D CAD file viewer.

By Nancy Spurling Johnson

New company launches to disrupt the $10B CAD industry. That was the subject line of the message that arrived in my inbox this week. Next, I noticed the headline on the included press release: Sunglass officially launches to democratize design by turning ideas into products through first-of-its-kind collaborative environment for sharing and creating 3D files across any format.

We've seen these bold promises from software developers before. Game-changing technology, democratized design, collaboration across any file format. Still, this wasn't something I could ignore, so I had a chat with Sunglass founders Nitin Rao and Kaustuv DeBiswas. They explained the Sunglass technology — and the strategy behind it — that they hope will change the way we do CAD.

Democratizing Design

Sunglass aims to break down traditional barriers common to CAD workflows, "to democratize access to design," Rao said. "Converting file formats, working through FTP servers ... not communicating in real time — these things are not design. They are barriers to design." CAD is such an essential tool to the productivity of mankind, he continued, not just for traditional applications but also for pursuits such as sustainable design. "We wanted to make that happen by making design tools more accessible. How could we make 3D tools fast and easy?" Sunglass was the answer. Read more »

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Nancy Spurling Johnson is editor-in-chief of Cadalyst.


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