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Undervolting - Cannot change voltage.

I'm sorry, I can't speak English, so I used a translator.

My problem is how to see the picture that I can only change the voltage in State 6 and 7.

Intel Core i9-9900K Review: Welcome to an Intel-AMD 8-Core Slugfest

The CPU market has changed more in the past 22 months than it did from 2008-2017 combined. That’s not to say that CPU architectures didn’t change, or that we didn’t see per-core pricing come down. But Intel had a remarkably successful run with the product positioning it introduced at the high-end with Nehalem in 2008 and refined with Sandy Bridge in 2011.

Next Major Windows 10 Update Will Let You Uninstall Most Built-in Apps

Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates usually include some new refinements based on user feedback. However, Microsoft is also known for shoving features and apps people don’t want into major updates and enabling old features you don’t use (hi, Cortana).

After last update of my graphic card drivers every game lags

As said in the title, I updated my graphic card drivers to the latest update available and now every game lags even at the lowest settings.

I have a Radeon R9 280

Does cache memory is inside processor

Hello  sir

I have amd athlon (tm) ii x2 240 processor 2.81 ghz how many bit is it and does it have cache memory

How to get AMD CPU temperature with a Powershell script?

I'm working in MSP (managed service provider) business.

I've been trying to find a way, to write a script, that does regular CPU temperature checks remotely.

With Intel CPU-s, it's quite easy to extract the CPU temperature information by a script (either get it from WMI or OpenHardwareMonitor).

However, these options don't seem to work with AMD processors.


Problemas con el monitor

Tengo una AMD r7 370, he actualizado los drivers y ha dejado de funcionar mi monitor. El pc se enciende y va todo bien pero el monitor no me muestra la imagen, se queda todo en negro. ¿Hay alguna solución?

Change Resolution in GTA:V?

After resetting my PC multiple times and obviously reinstalling the latest graphics drivers I could get from HP's website, I'm still having the following issue with my favorite game GTA:V:


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