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Redshift: 6 Disruptive Examples Show How Manufacturing and Construction Are Converging

Since the Autodesk position is that construction, manufacturing, and multimedia are converging, I shared Mark Albert's "A Convergence of Construction and Manufacturing" post on It's Alive in the Lab the other day.

Have You Tried?

Autodesk’s AutoCAD API guru Lee Ambrosius just pointed out a great AutoCAD learning resource.
"Have You Tried" is an article series written by the AutoCAD CXD team that takes a look at forgotten and underutilized AutoCAD features.
Check out the 18+ months worth of articles to learn about features that could increase your productivity.

The Rock Boat XIX: Day Three of Five - It Was a Group Effort

The Rock Boat is a five-day floating music festival. Bands play concerts as the ship travels to its destinations. This year, our cruise went to Key West and Nassau, The Bahamas.

Paolo Soleri: Arcosanti was an Example of More with Less for Better that was Ahead of Its Time

Palo Soleri died in 2013. He was an Italian born architect, urban theorist, craftsman artist, and philosopher. He founded his Architectural Design and Craft Studios, Cosanti, in 1955 and founded Arcosanti in 1970.

Alexander Oster and Additive Manufacturing Futures

Alexander Oster is the Director Additive Manufacturing at Autodesk and was the CEO of Netfabb which Autodesk acquired in September 2015.  Alexander is an authority on 3D printing and additive manufacturing and gave a good interview to shedding a lot of light on where additive manufacturing and Autodesk are going.

National Engineers Week

Sharing this funny graphic from one of my favorite comedians and Autodesk University presenter who understands our engineer world, Don McMillan.

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Convergence

Autodesk serves three primary industries: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Product Design and Manufacturing (PD&M) Media and Entertainment (M&E) Our position is that these industries are converging: Customers who make buildings (AEC) are starting to behave more like customers who...

FIRST FRC PNW Robot Scrimmage

This weekend there was a scrimmage for Pacific Northwest FIRST robotics FRC teams held in Corvallis Oregon . My team 1540 Flaming Chickens of Catlin Gabel were there with their 2019 competition robot named, Phineas. FIRST Robotics FRC Teams started designing, fabricating, and programming for this years challenge just about 6 weeks ago.

Painting a Better Future

Friday during lunch, I picked up more interior paint for my home.  I went with a recycled paint thinking it was good paint and the right thing to do. If nobody uses recycled paint what's the point of recycling the excess paint. Metro is an Oregon government entity that gathers up the paint from paint stores and municipal waste and recycling centers all over Oregon and then tests, mixes, and blends it to some selected colors as the brand Metropaint.

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