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Autodesk Make It Real challenge

Autodesk Making Starts Here

Make sure to check out the Autodesk Make It Real challenge. This challenge gives students and educators in the US and Canada a chance to win a makerspace for their school. It is open until 2/4/19. Please spread the word to schools that you know located in the US or Canada.

Inventor Design Automation on Forge Beta

The Inventor Design Automation API for Forge is in public beta. This can allow you to harness the power of the cloud for repetitive tasks.  

FIRST FRC Mentor Day

Today is mentor day celebrating volunteer mentors for FIRST Robotics teams. I can speak as having been mentoring a FIRST FRC Team 1540 Flaming Chickens of Catlin Gabel in Portland Oregon for the past few years on why YOU should also get involved. The high school students tell me I help, but I'm not sure they are getting the better end of this volunteering deal as I get so much from being continually inspired by these students I could never repay that debt.

Smart Reuse of Olympic Infrastructure Could Bring Home the Gold for Host Cities

There is great article just published on possible ways LA could lead the way in hosting the 2028 Olympics and provide the model for future host cities to have less negative impact short and long term.

“So what if LA could solve its existing infrastructure issues and become a test case for post-Olympic civic success?” 

AU 2018 Speaker Awards

AU 2018 - S. Hurley

Congratulations to the winners of the Speaker Awards for Autodesk University 2018! These awards are hard earned peer awards based on votes where the speakers stood out from the 850 AU 2018 speakers.

7 Companies With Incredible New Offices

Employer review website Glassdoor wrote a post and listed 7 new offices that are incredible. 
Hint: I'm writing this blog post from one of them. Autodesk Portland was named in this list of new incredible offices. 

Happy New Year

Final Sunset of 2018

Generative Design for Industrial Machinery

Have you heard all the news about generative design, but not certain how it might be a benefit to you and the industrial equipment you design? Here is a great opportunity to learn more in a free live webinar.


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