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Special BricsCAD Unplugged – today

Don Strimbu of Bricsys will be leading a “Special” (his word) BricsCAD Unplugged session this morning, 2018-SEP-12, at 0700 PDT (1400 UTC/GMT)

Might there be a special guest? Lynn Allen surprised us with an appearance last time.

Check it out on the Bricsys Facebook page, and we’ll see you there a bit later this morning.

Midwest University 2019

As of this morning, we are 205 days (~6.5 months) away from Midwest University 2019, presented by CTC. What is Midwest University? A gathering of CAD, BIM, Manufacturing and other professionals, exhibitors, and expert instructors from all over the country. All in one place for two days of learning, networking, and fun. If this sounds interesting, stay tuned this winter for news about registration and more.

Inserting GPS images into your CAD drawing

GeoLocationPlus from DotSoft is a low cost add-on that adds GeoLocation functionality to BricsCAD Pro (Windows version), AutoCAD 2014 and earlier, as well as IntelliCAD, and ZWCad.

Civil 3D strange cursor icon

If you are a Civil 3D user and you see a strange icon next to your cursor during certain operations, you are not alone. It seems to be an issue in Civil 3D 2019, and it looks like a tiny 3D button below and to the right of the crosshair. It apparently appears during manual Point creation. See example below:

Viewing DIESEL expressions in Fields

It was brought to our attention in this forum thread, (and confirmed in this Autodesk KB article) that certain

Online DWG viewer vs. installing BricsCAD

Last week, I was working with a group of people who are not CAD users. One of them received a 6.7MB .DWG file from a partner. I was asked how to view this file.

Rather than downloading and installing any kind of CAD software, my first thought was let’s use the Autodesk online viewer. Pretty simple solution, right? So we googled it, found the link and came to a sign in screen. The person with the drawing did not have an Autodesk account nor did they necessarily need one, so I signed in for them.

Autodesk downloads vary depending on location and browser used?

A week or so ago, using the latest version of Google Chrome, I navigated to the support pages at Autodesk to download the Geolocation Hotfix for AutoCAD 2017. I have downloaded this in the past, and know that it was a 2 or 3 MB sized file.

Windows 10 v1803 breaks Hydraflow in Civil 3D

As documented by this tweet from Brian Hailey, PE, Windows 10 v1803 update breaks Hydraflow in Civil 3D, specifically the output from the application.

Some new features in BricsCAD v18

Below is a quick summary of some of the new features in BricsCAD v18.

BricsCAD v18 supports the 2018 version DWG files.

The LAYOUTMANAGER now contains a button to copy selected layout(s). The copied layouts are named using the name of the selected layout and adding a numeral in parenthesis on the end. So if you copy a layout named “Notes”, the new layout will be named “Notes (2)”. If you copy that one, then the next new one will be named “Notes (2) (2)” and so on.

Unique items with Sheet Sets in BricsCAD

Sheet Sets in BricsCAD include two important things that may be new to you.

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