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AutoCAD 2018 Tips and Tricks Booklet is here!

Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting?  Well wait no more (and I really hope you weren't on the edge of your seat because that just sounds so uncomfortable).

Now you can download my latest AutoCAD Tips and Tricks booklet filled with all the great features in AutoCAD 2018!  And you'll find all the great features from AutoCAD 2017 hiding in there as well (a special bonus just for you...well...ok...for everyone.)

A 2017 Tip on Importing Layers from One AutoCAD Drawing to Another

Happy New Year!  I'm crossing my fingers that 2017 will be a great year for you and for me (are you in?).  Let me help you kick it off by sharing a tip that will enable you to quickly bring layers from one drawing into another!

Note:  You can also use these techniques to bring in dimension styles, text styles, blocks, etc!

My AutoCAD 2017 Tips and Tricks booklets is here!

I know you want can you resist?  Nearly all the latest features in AutoCAD 2017 in one convenient booklet.  What a great Father's Day Present!  : )

Download it here!


Taking control of the 3DORBIT command in AutoCAD

Do you 3D?  If you do, you most assuredly are familiar with the 3DORBIT command (or at least one would hope!)  

For years - AutoCAD has determined the centroid of the display when orbitting based on the center of the entire model.  This center doesn't always work effectively when you have objects off in one or more directions.

A St. Patrick's Day Tip on Squaring Off Corners in AutoCAD

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  I hope you are all wearing green today (must avoid that pesky pinching!).

St Patricks

Automatically repeating commands in AutoCAD

Do you ever get tired of hitting that pesky "enter" key to repeat the previous command?  If so,  you should check out the handy MULTIPLE command in AutoCAD.  Run it before any command to automatically repeat it (Escape to exit).  Who wants to type out such a long command?  Put that baby on a toolbar, panel or better yet the Quick Access toolbar for speedy access!

Check out my latest Cadalyst video!


A New Year and a New AutoCAD Tip for Adding Your Own Panel to the Ribbon

I am certainly behind on blogging! I haven't posted since the holidays!  I seem to be more of a Twitter-holic these if I'm late on blogging - you can get your fix by following me on twitter @Lynn_Allen


Adding your own panel to the AutoCAD ribbon:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I'm wishing you a wonderful holiday - full of (really) great cheer and lots of happiness!  I'm looking forward to sharing another year of AutoCAD tips and Autodesk news with you!


A Thanksgiving Tip on Cleaning up your lines with the Top Secret CHANGE command!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US!  The awesome Volker Cocco reminded me of this cool trick for cleaning up your lines using the good old (top secret) CHANGE command in AutoCAD.  You can go to many webinars that Volker and the Autodesk Knowledge Network team do to brush up on all your Autodesk Product skills! 

3 Ways to Put a Frame Around Your Text in AutoCAD

It's not uncommon to need to frame various text objects in AutoCAD - why not learn all the ins and outs about doing so?  Check out my latest Cadalyst Video where I show you three different ways to do exactly that.   Hint:  It's easiest in AutoCAD 2016!



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