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The Amazing Revit Technology Conferences

For those of you who have made the move to BIM - you'll find the Revit Technology Conference an invaluable event to attend.  RTC is more than just a conference for you and your fellow Revit users - it's a conference about all things BIM.  

Live AutoCAD Tips and Tricks session via Periscope

Join me at 10:00 PDT Monday, August 3 for a free (live) AutoCAD Tips and Tricks session.  This session will be transmitted via Periscope - a live streaming video app for iOS and Android (recently acquired by Twitter).

Embed an Image File into AutoCAD

If you've ever inserted an image file into AutoCAD - then you discovered (probably the hard way) that the image file tags along as a reference and doesn't actually make it's way into the drawing file.  That means (and this is probably where you discovered this fact) that whenever you send your drawing file to someone - you'll have to send the image file along with it!

Check out my latest Cadalyst tip that shows you how to embed an Image file into an AutoCAD drawing file (so you don't have to worry about that pesky referenced image!

My Top Ten Tips for AutoCAD 2016 *Dell Precision Guide)

For the past couple of years Autodesk has teamed with Dell to produce a Precision Guide to help our customers with their AutoCAD software and hardware decisions.  Contained therein are my Top Ten Tips for AutoCAD 2016 if you'd like to take a look!  

The Fastest Way to Set your AutoCAD Object Snaps!

If there is one thing in AutoCAD we can't live without - it's object snaps!  We choose our object snap settings based on what we're doing at any given time (ideally not needing to change the settings very often).  While hanging with the fabulous Autodesk Product Support folks in Lake Oswego - Volker Cocco brought up his speedy means of switching to his favorite osnap settings without the tedium of going through the status bar.

My AutoCAD 2016 Tips and Tricks Booklet is finally here!

Are you wondering about the top new features in AutoCAD 2016?  Have you been asking yourself about the new system variables - or pondering the time savers?  My AutoCAD 2016 Tips and Tricks booklet is hot off the press - all you have to do is download it!  (does it sound like a CAD drug?)  

Check it out for yourself:

Speak at Autodesk University - Embrace your inner Expert!

Do you find yourself helping others learn Autodesk software around the office?  Is there a feature or technology you feel you know better than the average user?  Or perhaps some techniques and tips you've learned the hard way and you'd love to share with others...if so - submit to become a presenter at Autodesk University!

Get to the right Plan view in AutoCAD every time!

For those of you who work in 3D (which is probably less than half of you) - you know how the PLAN command loves to do a ZOOM Extents when switching to the PLAN view. Super annoying.  Often I just want the PLAN view of my current display without the extraneous extra step of zooming back in - that's where EXPLAN comes into play.

Check out my Cadalyst video and learn how easy it is to use EXPLAN!

AutoCAD Hacked! - Part 2

Well, I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer than necessary. As Lynn is returning from her vacation, rested and rejuvenated, I'd like to finish up my guest posts on AutoCAD security. Again, my appreciation and thanks go to Lynn for the opportunity. - Dieter Schlaepfer


AutoCAD Hacked! - Part 1

While Lynn’s away on a well-deserved vacation, I’m going to sneak in with a couple of guest posts. This is an important subject and I’m delighted that Lynn’s given me the opportunity to share this information with you!  - Dieter Schlaepfer


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