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Don't Miss Revit Technology Conference in Europe!

Whether you live locally or just need the perfect excuse for an awesome BIM-filled vacation - be sure to sign up for the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) in Europe.  This conference is carefully designed by users for users and is sure to amp up your BIM expertise.  With so many building owners and governments requiring BIM in their projects - you don't want to be left behind!

Ensure your Text is Readable in AutoCAD

I can't believe that Fall is upon us (at least those of us on my side of the world).  I'm always so sad when the days get shorter (and consequently the nights get longer).  l won't, however, miss the hot days of hovering around the fan!

The Fabulous Function Keys in AutoCAD

Using the Function Keys to toggle on/off key settings can help you achieve super speedy status in AutoCAD.  These valuable tools have been around since the beginning of AutoCAD time (back when computers were made of wood) but are still a favorite of AutoCAD gurus (both old and new).

Check out my Cadalyst Video!


BIM Workshops - Don't miss out!

I'm so excited about the upcoming BIM Workshops taking place in Omaha, NE and Orange County, CA!  Here you'll find some of the top speakers from Autodesk University and RTC presenting the latest BIM technology and processes.  I get to be the emcee but you can be certain I will be attending plenty of courses as well!  A shout out to Carla Edwards who kicked off these great events with the desire to improve her user group's BIM expertise. Will I see you there?

The Devil is in the Details

Nearly all of us AutoCAD users need to generate details of our designs.  If you're living in a 2D world you're probably doing extra work whenever the design changes (unless you live in a make-believe world where your designs never change!). 

Creating detail views from a 3D model is SOOOO much easier.  First off - they're associative so if the design changes - so does your model!  Second of all - you're just grabbing a view - no need to draw a single line.

Embracing the AutoCAD Ribbon!

AutoCAD 2009 introduced the Ribbon to the user interface - and it was originally met with mixed reviews.  Not a surprise since the early AutoCAD 2009 just didn't have the high IQ the past few releases did.  AutoCAD 2015 has made a bold statement by removing the AutoCAD Classic workspace from the default setup (that doesn't mean there isn't a workaround).  Now it's time for all you Ribbon Rebels (and you know who you are) to embrace the AutoCAD Ribbon!  I could never give up the context sensitive ribbon now - check out my video for more info

Creating 2D Drawing Views from your 3D Model in AutoCAD

So much of our AutoCAD life is spent documenting our designs with 2D drawing views.  Did you know that if you design in 3D - AutoCAD makes it a cinch to create associative 2D drawing views?  So if your design should change (not that your designs ever change!) the drawing views update automatically saving you lots of time!  Dimensions update automatically - it's just all a beautiful thing.

Check out my Cadalyst video for more info (and to see how easy it all is!).


Isometric drawing in AutoCAD 2015 - Part 2

I'm so excited to have my guest writer, Dieter Schlaepfer, as he continues his coverage of isometric drawing in AutoCAD 2015.  Let's review our goal:


Drawing a Bracket.

Isometric drawing in AutoCAD 2015 - Part 1

I've never had a guest writer on my blog - but one of my favorite coworkers - Dieter Schlaepfer , who is a Principal Learning Content Developer for Autodesk, and an excellent writer - kindly volunteered!  Dieter is an enthusiastic fan of the Isodraft command, so here is his take on this awesome new addition to AutoCAD 2015.

2D Isometric Drawing in AutoCAD 2015 by Dieter Schlaepfer

Join me for an Autodesk 2015 Solutions event in Canada

I've always loved working with the wonderful Autodesk Canadian team - and now (after a few years) I get the chance to do it again!  So if you live near Montreal or Toronto - I'm hoping you'll join me for an Autodesk 2015 Solutions event!  (I'd love to see you again...)

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