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AutoCAD 2015: the Cool Gray Interface and Line Smoothing

AutoCAD 2015 has added a cool new gray interface that will make it easier than ever on your eyes. Stats prove that staring at a bright white screen all day isn't good for you - give those lovely peepers a break!  I love this new addition - and while it was different at first - now I can't imagine living without it. 

AutoCAD 2015 also added in some awesome line-smoothing so we can finally get rid of those pesky jagged diagonal lines! Circles will be nice and round - just as they were intended to be!

Save Your Valuable AutoCAD Settings to the Cloud!

If you're like me - you've customized your AutoCAD environment to work the way you want to work.  You set up your profiles in Options, you've personalized a workspace and maybe event customized your menu.  Or how about your tool palettes - maybe some custom linetypes or icon?  Do you shudder at the thought of losing all this awesome customization?

Clean up your AutoCAD drawings with the JOIN command!

I, for one, like my drawings neat and tidy (my mother would be so proud!).  I don't want any extra objects laying around and slowing me down...I just want to go fast, fast, fast!  When it comes to drawing clean-up - the JOIN command comes running to the rescue!

Check out my latest Cadalyst video and you'll be off and running with faster, cleaner drawings in no time!  (and your mom will be proud too!).


AutoCAD 2015 is here!

Are you one of those cutting edge designers who waits with baited breath for the next release of AutoCAD?  Have you been perusing all the blogs and tweets to get all the latest information on AutoCAD 2015?  Well if you want to see AutoCAD 2015 "Lynn Allen" style - be sure to join me on Wednesday for my first AutoCAD 2015 presentation courtesy of Novedge!


The Unsung Heros of AutoCAD 2014

AutoCAD 2014 had some big features like improved Geolocation, improved point cloud support with ReCap and Design Feed.  My favorite features by far are the lesser known, everyday productivity enhancements that add up to less tedium and faster designs.  Cadalyst Magazine recently published my article on Eleven Efficiency Boos

Array in the AutoCAD COPY command? Absolutely!

AutoCAD 2012 introduced a few stellar productivity enhancements - some are well known while others definitely remained under the radar.  Adding in an Array option to the COPY command fell under the latter category - but is definitely a powerful tool to be aware of! 

In-Canvas Viewport controls in AutoCAD...Part Deux!

If you use 3D - then hopefully you've discovered how easy it is to change viewport configurations, viewing angles and visual styles with the In-canvas viewport controls.  If not - check out my video to learn about columns 2 and 3 and you'll be up to speed in no time!

Note:  Even if you're just a 2D user - I love using the in-canvas viewport controls to quickly move from one saved view to another...super speedy!

And "yes!"  In-canvas viewport controls is a mouthful!  We couldn't have come up with a shorter name?


Are you using the In-Canvas Viewport Controls in AutoCAD?

If you are a 3D AutoCAD user - than (please) tell me you have discovered and are using the nifty In-Canvas Viewport Controls!  These handy tools make it easy to setup your viewports, switch to a different viiew, viewing angle or visual style.  They are basically a one-stop shop for 3D Viewing!

Check out my Cadalyst video - be sure to turn the sound wayyyy up.  And if you can't tell what I am whispering at the beginning and the end - I'm saying "Go Broncos!"

HP and the Autodesk Product Design Suite

Last summer I had the privilege of doing a video with the great folks at HP focused on Visualization and the Autodesk Product Design Suite.  This video has made its way around the world to the many Autodesk Universities as well as other HP events and has now landed on YouTub

OOPS I did it (in AutoCAD) again!

After teaching my "60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes" class at Autodesk University - a friendly attendee reminded me of the popular OOPS command (sorry I didn't catch his name!).  The OOPS command was AutoCAD's early attempt at an Undo command - and was a lifesaver (or job saver) in many cases.  30 years later - the OOPS command is still a handy tool to keep in your AutoCAD tool belt.

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