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AutoCAD Hacked! - Part 1

While Lynn’s away on a well-deserved vacation, I’m going to sneak in with a couple of guest posts. This is an important subject and I’m delighted that Lynn’s given me the opportunity to share this information with you!  - Dieter Schlaepfer


AutoCAD 2016 - Part Tres!

Have you ever tried rendering in AutoCAD just to find yourself intimidated by all the gzillion different settings and variables?  I certainly have.  Those of us who don't have an advanced degree in photography will love the new low-stress and friendly Rendering in AutoCAD 2016!

Render Engine

AutoCAD 2016 (Part Deux!)

It's always so exciting when a new release of AutoCAD comes out!  Let me continue on my merry way of introducing more features to you!

A New Object Snap!

Have you ever needed to find the geometric center of an object such as a polygon or a closed polyline?  There can also be quite a difference from the "geometric center" and the "center" of an object.  The new GCE osnap in AutoCAD 2016 will definitely come in handy and cut down on a few construction lines.

Introducing...AutoCAD 2016! (Part One)


AutoCAD 2016 is locked and loaded - coming soon to a reseller near you!  Here is an early look at some of the key features in the next (Awesome) release of AutoCAD!

Updated (and far better) Revision Clouds

Keeping track of your AutoCAD Drawings!

With so many projects and so many different drawings - it can be difficult to keep track of the various drawing directories.  Whether you want AutoCAD to always display the file directory in the on-screen title - or if you just want some super speedy ways to find the directory your open drawing file is located within - my latest Cadalyst video tip should help you find your way! 



All about Offset in AutoCAD

For those of you who watched the Super Bowl...why did Wilson throw the ball instead of handing it over to Lynch?  How embarrassing (and my dog will never get over it)

And speaking of not being totally you REALLY understand all the OFFSET command has to offer?

Oh sure - you use OFFSET all the time...but do you know how to offset to the current layer?  Did you know you could offset AND erase the original object?  Did you know you could set Offset to Multiple and offset over and over and over (and over) again?

A Little Super bowl Fun!

 For those of you who know know I LOVE football!  I grew up going to Rams games with my Dad (when they were based in LA) and I was all about being his little football buddy.   For the last few months of the year, Sundays are all about watching the games (and Thursday nights...and Monday nights...).  Weekends in January are all about the playoffs - don't even think of asking me to miss one! 

More AutoCAD Layer Tips and Tricks

Since the LAYER command is the third most frequently used command in AutoCAD - I thought I'd throw a few more LAYER tips into my Cadalyst Video Tip.  If you want to learn a super speedy way to add new layers - or to select layers  for editing - be sure to check out my video tip!






A New Year...a New AutoCAD Tip on Speedy Layer Control!

Happy New Year to you all!  Let's start off the new year with an AutoCAD Tip on the LAYOFF command and how it can help you with speedy layer control!




Let's make 2015 the best year ever!!!

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