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Watch the AU Primer and Get the Inside Scoop!

With so many things happening in one jam-packed week at AU - it's easy to miss out on some valuable events or sessions.  Or maybe you just want to know where the party is going to be...or what our theme is this year at AU.  Do you know what you should pack?  When/where you can check into AU?  All this info and more is included in my AU 2015 Primer.

Are you getting the most out of your Offsets in AutoCAD?

The OFFSET command has been around since the VERY early days of AutoCAD - and has seen some nice advances in the past few releases. But did you know that the system variable OFFSETGAPTYPE is a crucial piece of the OFFSET puzzle?  If you're offsetting need to check out my Cadalyst Video! 

Get More Screen Real Estate in AutoCAD (Move that Command Line!)

If you're an AutoCAD veteran - then you probably believe that the Command Line belongs in the lower left hand corner of the drawing editor.(where the AutoCAD Gods intended it to be!). 

But if you're greedy with your screen real estate - then you most certainly wish you could take those two or three lines devoured by the Command Line and free them up for your beloved AutoCAD drawing.  Am I right?

Sign up for Autodesk University and Save $500!

Time is running out to save $500 on Autodesk's premier learning and networking event!  Of all the events I attend throughout the year - Autodesk University is by far the one that outshines the rest.  If you have never been - you need to go!  If you've been before - then you know exactly what I'm talking about (and you need to go back!).  

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