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HP and the Autodesk Product Design Suite

Last summer I had the privilege of doing a video with the great folks at HP focused on Visualization and the Autodesk Product Design Suite.  This video has made its way around the world to the many Autodesk Universities as well as other HP events and has now landed on YouTub

OOPS I did it (in AutoCAD) again!

After teaching my "60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes" class at Autodesk University - a friendly attendee reminded me of the popular OOPS command (sorry I didn't catch his name!).  The OOPS command was AutoCAD's early attempt at an Undo command - and was a lifesaver (or job saver) in many cases.  30 years later - the OOPS command is still a handy tool to keep in your AutoCAD tool belt.

Autodesk University 2013 classes now Online!

If you didn't get a chance to go to Autodesk University (or even if you did) you can now access hundreds of the AU 2013 classes.  These classes are free (!) and filled with all types of valuable content regardless of the industry you are in.  So be sure to check them out (you most certainly will be glad you did!)

On to Autodesk University in Dubai and Mumbai!

Phew!  I barely got a chance to catch my breath after a whirlwind week of Autodesk University in Las Vegas and now I'm on my way to AU extension in Dubai and India (Mumbai).So...if you are anywhere close to either of the next two AU conferences -  I hope to see you there!



Can't go to Autodesk University? Then Watch it Live from your Desk!

Not everyone can go to Las Vegas to attend AU - but that shouldn't stop you from watching it from the comfort of your office or home!  Join us live as we cover some of the key events and classes at Autodesk University 2013.  You can even watch my "60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes" class live! 

Check out AU Online LIVE!

Going to Autodesk University? Be sure to install the AU Mobile App

To ensure you have the best Autodesk University experience possible - be sure to install the AU Mobile App to your tablet or phone.  This will make it easy for you to find classes, see what's going on at any given time, and network with your fellow AU attendees.

You can even check-into the app when you attend your classes and chat with fellow students in the same class - awesome!

Get the Most out of Autodesk University - Watch My AU 2013 Primer!

If you've made the commitment to go to Autodesk University in Las Vegas then you certainly want to make sure you get the most out of your week and don't miss out on anything. Spend less than 10 minutes watching my AU Primer and you'll be in the know for the entire week!

From AutoCAD and BIM to Autodesk 360 Cloud!

If you live in the Orlando area - be sure to join me for a Revit Users Group meeting held in conjunction by one of my favorite resellers - Digital Drafting Systems

One more reason to become an AU 2013 Mentor!

This just in...if you sign up to become an AU mentor (and help out the newbies at Freshman Orientation) you will have a chance to win an iPad!  yes...we are prepared to bribe you!

The odds are better than any you'll find in Vegas so sign up today to become an AU Mentor!

Autodesk University Mentors Needed for Freshman Orientation

Have you been to AU more than two times?  Does it make you feel good to help people?  We are still in need of a few more mentors for our Freshman Orientation on Monday, December 2.  We just need your time from 4:15pm to 6:00pm and for you to be wiling to share your AU wisdom (and I know you have some!) with your table.  Maybe answer a few questions for them - ask them a few questions.  Not to worry - we will make it easy on you.

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