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Removing the 2500 object limit on the Ribbon in AutoCAD

If you've ever had an issue changing object properties from the ribbon, and you are working with a VERY large drawing - you've probably run into the 2500 object limit set by the AutoCAD Gods.  2500 objects selected?  No problem.  2501 objects selected?  Then everything goes to hell in a hand basket (and whoever came up with that phrase anyway?  Who goes to hell holding a hand basket?

But I digress...

Background mask for Dimensional Text

The AutoCAD Test Development team works hard for sure - and they've been kind enough to give me a couple of juicy AutoCAD nuggets to share with you on my blog.  This first tip was posted courtesy of Chris Miller (thank you Chris!)

If you've ever wished for a backround mask for your dimension text (very useful in tight quarters) than you're going to like this handy tip!  You can get a background mask for standard text - right?   Unfortunately it's not so easy for dimensioning (but soon you will be "in-the-know"!)

AutoCAD: Matching object layers in a Fourth of July Flash!

Sure it's easy to change objects to another layer when you know the destination layer name...but what if you don't?  You can see the objects on the desitnation layer - so you do a layer reconnaissance mission to determine the layer name.  Too much work!  Use the Layer Match tool (LAYMCH) tool to quickly change objects to the same layer as an existing object. Just select the objects you want to move to another layer - and select an object on the destination layer - it's super speedy!

HP Video Shoot

If you have ever seen one of my presentations - you know that I LOVE my HP portable workstation.  I recently participated in a (very) long video shoot for them - with a wonderful crew in the Autodesk Design Gallery in San Francisco.  If you find yourself in San Francisco - definitely add the Autodesk Design Gallery to your list of things to do - it's fascinating!

Multifunction Grips on AutoCAD Dimensions

The final of my three part video series for Cadalyst Magazine on Multifunction grips has arrived! 

CAD Americas Training Days

Blog1IComing to a neighborhood near you!  Join me for several stops along the CAD Americas tour.  I'll be participating on a day of training in Atlanta and Dallas this week...don't m

Join me in Miami or Allentown?

While I am currently enjoying a (much-needed) vacation in Portugal - I wanted to make sure you were aware of two events I have coming up (right after I return home).  On June 5 - you can find me doing the keynote address for Synergis University 2013 at an all day event filled with technical presentations. 

Free Autodesk Oil and Gas webcast on Easier Information Management

Join the Autodesk Oil and Gas folks as they show you how the new AutoCAD Plant 3D Vault integration makes information management so much easier!  Add in Autodesk 360 and you have a match made in...the Cloud!

Tune in for my first AutoCAD 2014 webcast tomorrow morning!

My first official AutoCAD 2014 webcast is tomorrow morning at 11am PDT.  Novedge has been kind enough to sponsor it and it's free of charge!  If you want to hear all about the new features in AutoCAD 2014 - then tune in for sure!  I want to see you there!  (virtually of course)

Sign up Today!

My AutoCAD 2014 Tips and Tricks booklet is here! off the my AutoCAD 2014 Tips and Tricks booklet!  This labor of love has all the new features inside of AutoCAD 2014 (as well as the new features from AutoCAD 2013).  Check it out!  Print as many as you like - delight your coworkers - frame it and put it in your living room (your significant other will love that).

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