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My AutoCAD 2014 Tips and Tricks booklet is here! off the my AutoCAD 2014 Tips and Tricks booklet!  This labor of love has all the new features inside of AutoCAD 2014 (as well as the new features from AutoCAD 2013).  Check it out!  Print as many as you like - delight your coworkers - frame it and put it in your living room (your significant other will love that).

AutoCAD Hatching Tips

It seems that nearly all applications have at least some crosshatching in their drawing files - so hatching tips should come in handy for nearly everyone.  Check out my latest Cadalyst Magazine video tip that just might save you some valuable time in your hatching!  (Or at least I hope so!)


P.S.  I am not responsible for the extremely unflattering pose that appears when I embed this video!

Drumroll please...AutoCAD 2014 has arrived!

Do you get as excited as I do when a new release of AutoCAD comes out?  Or are you wondering what else they could possibly add to the program?  Well there have been quite a few great features added into AutoCAD 2014.  Everything from huge enhancements to Geographic Locations to the cool new interactive Design Feed which will make it easier for you to collaborate with others on your drawings. 

Don't miss the Revit Technology Conference!

I've heard all about it...I've wanted to go for years ...and (finally)  this year I am thrilled to get a chance to participate in the North American Revit Technology Conference.  And I simply don't see why you shouldn't be joining me!

Grant your AutoCAD Objects a Super Power! (make them invisible)

So if you could pick any super power - what would it be?  I vote for invisibility (although it's probably best not to be able to hear what peoplea re REALLY saying about you!).  While I can't grant you this awesome super power - I can certainly show you how to make your AutoCAD objects invisible!

Stuck on Autodesk BIM360 Glue (especially for Construction!)

I'm quite sure I'm not the first to coin such a cheesy BIM360 Glue phrase (nor the last) but I must admit I really love spreading the news about this great cloud and mobile application.  Since I seem to have been inundated with presenting at Construction conferences lately - BIM360 Glue has been an obvious topic for me to cover.

Using Transparency inside of AutoCAD

Transparency was on the AutoCAD wish list for many years before it was finally added into AutoCAD 2011.  Transparency actually became an additional object property - much like color, linetype, etc that could be assigned to any object as well as any layer!  Then it's simply a matter of setting the transparency level - anywhere from 0 to 90 (obviously you wouldn't want the value to go all the way to 100 - because that would make it invisible!)

[Acronym] Virtual Event: Explore the Best in Government Digital Design

Join me - and other technical presenters for a day of learning and celebration at the Acronym CAD Awards on February 6.

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Easily combine layers together in AutoCAD with LAYMRG

Have you ever wanted to combine multiple layers into one?  And wouldn't it just be the icing on the cake if those pesky extra layers were deleted along the way?  LAYMRG to the rescue!

Check out my latest Cadalyst video on the LAYMRG command (which of course started out as an Express Tool and grew up to become a real AutoCAD command).  All the greatest commands seem to have started as as Express Tools! 

Autodesk University 2012 Classes Now Online!

Not everyone gets to go to AU - but everyone can tune in and watch the classes!  Whether you attended AU or not - you will find valuable presentations that are certain to increase your knowledge of your Autodesk product.  Not to mention there are plenty of presentations surrounding the Cloud, BIM and Digital Prototyping!

Check out the AU 2012 classes!

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