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Do you know everything you can do with the Mouse Wheel in AutoCAD?

We are all mouse wheel experts - aren't we?  We use it all day long to zoom and pan in AutoCAD (as well as other programs).  But did you know that with a few clever mouse wheel and key combinations you open the door to so much more functionality?

Check out my latest Cadalyst video to make sure you are getting the most out of your powerful Mouse Wheel!

And besides - this week there is a bonus - there's a puppy in my video!  (and how can any resist an AutoCAD tip with a puppy in it!)

Happy New Year! (and a wrap on AUx Dubai)

My last trip before the holidays was an Autodesk University Extension event in Dubai - and what a way to end the Autodesk year!  I have spent a fair amount of time in the Middle East in my early AutoCAD days - and it's funny how I felt right back at home in no time.

Of course the fantastic, enthusiastic AUx attendees had everything to do with that!  Check out this short video on AUx Dubai.

Autodesk University Extension (AUx) Johannesburg

I attended 3 different Autodesk Universities this year:  AU Brazil, AU Russia and of course AU Las Vegas.  While I certainly loved these exciting (and quite large) events - I must admit I am also a big fan of the AU Extensions. Smaller - true -  (around 400 to 500) people but just as filled with energy and enthusiasm from the attendees as the full fledged AUs!

Open an Autodesk 360 account &Autodesk will contribute to Engineers without Borders!

You get...We give...and this is the perfect season for exactly that.  All you have to do is open an Autodesk 360 account and Autodesk will give $1 to Engineers without Borders.  Now that is a total Win-Win!

Did you miss Autodesk University? Catch it on AU Virtual!

Of course not everyone can go to Autodesk University in Las budget for it, company won't let you go, too many projects in the office, the list goes on and on.  I do find that wherever I travel though that most everyone WANTS to go to AU.  No worries if you couldn't make it as most of the classes are recorded including the AU Keynote sessions, Innovation Forums and the fantastic Platinum Sponsor Technology Showcase (I'm a little biased about that one though).

Join me for AU Freshman Orientation!

OK - I admit it - you don't have to be an AU Freshman to join us for the Freshman Orientation!  You might just want to be one of the smart AU attendees who wants to make sure you know all about the most popular events and activities going on at Autodesk University!  Or you might want to have a chance to win one of 3 AU 2013 passes we'll be giving away.Or you just might want to start your networking early with a drink and 500 (or more) of your closest AU friends!

Join me for the AU Platinum Sponsor Technology Showcase

Wednesday evening at Autodesk University I have the privilege of hosting this year's Platinum Sponsor Technology Showcase!  Get a sneak peak into the latest technology from our Platinum Sponsors Dell, HP, Intel and Lenovo. Join us for cocktails and then make yourself comfortable as we learn how new and emerging technologies are affecting and enhancing the way we design. (It's sure to be a lively and interesting discussion as well!)

Going to Autodesk University? Check out the AU Primer!

If you want to be certain you don't miss out on any of the cool things going on at AU - be sure to check out my AU Primer!  Here you'll find info on everything from what to pack to what must-see events are going on. 

On my way to Autodesk University extension Johannesburg!

It's a 36 hour trip for me - but I'm still looking forward to meeting all the Autodesk product users who plan on attending Autodesk University extension in Johannesburg!  If you live in South Africa - it's not too late to sign up (I hear there is room for a few more).

APPHACK at AU! (Say What?)

You heard me correctly...APPHACK!   (Gesundheit)  Here is your chance to win as much as $5,000.00 for your cool app or plugin for AutoCAD.  If you are an awesome hacker - be sure to join in on the fun (and awesome prizes!).  What have you got to lose?

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