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Check out these AutoCAD Freebies and Increase your Productivity!

My writing partner (from my last book - AutoCAD Professional Tips and Techniques ) Scott Onstott is offering up two video workshops on AutoCAD you are welcome to watch free of charge!  (thanks Scott!)

Join me for an "Autodesk 360 - Embrace the Cloud" webcast

Are you confused about the Cloud?  Why do we call it "The Cloud"?  What's in it for me? What does Autodesk have to do with the Cloud?  Is it really secure?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?  Join me and Imaginit this Thursday as I clear up all that pesky confusion and start you on the road to embracing the Cloud!  ('s free of charge!)

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Check Out Revit Radio!

One of the things I love most about my job is the great people I meet along the way.  Brian Mackey (aka The Revit Geek) and Stan Hennigh (from the wonderful Cad-1) are two such people.  They host a live "Car Talk" type of webcast where you can submit your questions and these two hilarious and yet brilliant hosts will answer them.

CAD Americas 2012 is coming to a town near you!

This year I'm participating in CAD Americas - a series of one day training events that are touring the US throughout the months of September and October.  I'll be doing a keynote during lunch (be sure to open those potato chip bags before I start!) and in a few of the cities I'll also be doing my popular (and exhausting) 75 AutoCAD Tips in 75 Minutes class.  So if CAD Americas is coming to a town near you - please be sure to join me!  (Note..I won't be in

It's that time again! Autodesk University Registration is open!

Registration for Autodesk University 2012 opened on Tuesday and we already have over 2000 registrations!  Unbelievable!  So are you signed up yet?  And if not...well stop reading this blog and get right on it!

Check out the new Autodesk Hangman App in AutoCAD!

Awesome!  Now you can install the new Hangman App (by Autodesk) into your AutoCAD 2012 or 2013 (and it's absolutely free).  I do realize that while this might be an AutoCAD users treat - it's a CAD Manager's nightmare (so sorry about that). 

Are You Greedy with your AutoCAD Screen Real Estate?

Well it is Hot, Hot, Hot here in Northern California (yes - I realize it's much hotter other places in the world).  We aren't used to super hot weather (no one has an air conditioner around here).  Needless to say - the goats and the white fluffy dog are wilting (me too).  On the flip side - our tomatoes are loving it! 

Back from Sabbatical (and back in the AutoCAD Saddle!)

I guess I left abruptly without an official send-off (sorry about that) but after 6 weeks off I'm back up and running!  I won't's tough going back to work after such a long break - but I definitely appreciated the break. 

Novedge Live Webcast on the AutoCAD 2013 Design Suite

I'll be doing a live webcast next Wednesday on the AutoCAD 2013 Design Suite for Novedge.  Be sure to tune in if you'd like to learn more about ADS!

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